How To Play Mr. Game and Watch In Smash Ultimate


everyone's favorite Renaissance man

flat boy is back and he's better than

ever today is character breakdown his

mr. Game & Watch one of Smash's oldest

characters on the roster mr. Gaiman

watches first appearance was in ball a

silver game and watched title released

by Nintendo in 1980 some fun facts about

mr. Game & Watch there are more than 60

titles in the Game & Watch franchise mr.

Game & Watch is the oldest character in

the smash franchise beating pac-man by

only one month and in Pikmin 2 one of

the treasures that a salvaged is a copy

of ball the first Game and Watch title

what's up YouTube of chalks bus and

today we're breaking down mr. Game &

Watch this is our third character guide

and this is a weekly series but before

we get started let me know in the

comments section below which character

you want to see next so far we've

covered inkling king K rool and now mr.

Game & Watch he's seen a bunch of

changes since smash 4 both cosmetic and

gameplay and we're gonna talk about them

mr. Game & Watch is nimble and he's

great in the air and he has a lot of

powerful smash attacks making him quite

the contender on the battlefield for

such an old geezer mister Gaiman watches

neutrals are

yeah mr. Game & Watch is neutrals are

pretty basic

if you press a over and over again he'll

do this pump even if you hold it I mean

some people have a continuous jab mr.

Game & Watch is not one of them however

if you do connect you can hold down the

button and you can do a continuous jab

so it only works if you connect the

first one so if you're over here and you

just hold down a it's not going to do

anything beyond the first attack but if

you do land it and you hold down a it's

going to uh it's gonna do a continuous

jab which is actually good because you

could rack up some pretty quick damage

mr. Game & Watch is running neutral as

this headfirst slide which you can

actually do it's a sequence it's pretty


mr. Game & Watch has really strong smash

attacks as he really always has starting

with his down smash which is this this

hammer that hits on both sides now if

you're too close to your opponent it's

just going to knock them back however if

you catch them with the end of the

hammer you will actually rout them in

the ground which is going to be a setup

for most of the chaos you're going to

get what mr. Game & Watch but just like

King Kay rule if you're playing against

a seasoned player they're going to be

able to jump out also it's important to

know that you can do this attack in

sequence without really breaking form

especially if you're using the C stick

you can do it quite a number of times

and this is good against opponents that

are constantly rolling because you're

covering both sides his forward smashes

he whacks you with this torch now this

is going to be one of your primary kill

options so if you do happen to route

someone in the ground let's say let's

put Mario up to I don't know maybe 60

damage because I think it kills pretty

low so let's go to 60 let's route Mario

and then if you can get one of these

okay so maybe it's not there but if you

can route them even at higher damages

they're gonna go flying his up smash is

this stump with a diver helmet now this

is another attack that hits on both

sides so if you have someone that's

doing a lot of rolling or they're coming

overhead you can really use the down

smash or the up smash to catch them

because like I said it hits on both

sides now while mr. Game & Watch has

really strong smash attacks you got to

be careful because they are pretty high

in frame so it takes them a while to get

out but at high damages you're going to

be using mostly you are forward smash

and up smash to kill

okay special moves so you have mr.

Gaiman watches neutral B which is chef

where he flings out various meats and

fishes order up Squidward his neutral B

is good for spacing and for a little bit

of ledge guarding now if you just hold

the B button it's not as fast as if you

mash it if you mash it he'll throw out

food a little quicker than if you hold

it down yeah it's a decent attack the

range is pretty random so I wouldn't

count on this so much on the ground

however like I said if you happen to get

them off the stage you know you can you

can throw some you could throw some food

off the stage and try and mess up their

jumps down B is his bucket now his

bucket can store projectiles or in some

cases he could counter them so let's

make Mario shoot fireballs at us so

neutral special now every time you catch

something you get a stack you can

actually hold on to that once you're

full so if you have three stacks in

there let's turn this off you can hang

on to as long as you want he's glowing

when he's full so you'll know this way

you don't forget but at higher damages

this will insta kill when it's at zero I

think it'll only do somewhere between 30

and 40 damage so let's see you have 36

damage you'll you'll throw whatever the

contents of the bucket are and in some

cases I do not want to know what the

hell's in that bucket but at higher

damages they will insta kill alright so

our buckets full I set Mario to about 50

damage now this kills pretty low I think

this will kill him here I don't know if

he can di out of it hang on let's go to

other settings let's turn on CPU

shuffling and let's put it to a lot I

think it'll still kill him though yeah

so around 50 damage if you have a full

bucket you can kill your opponent now

it's also good to note that against

characters like King K rool I don't know

the specifics of every single character

what a projectile but I know for a fact

that if you're playing against King K

rool and you use your bucket you can

reflect his cannonball which is super

useful especially playing against

annoying King K rool mains where they're

constantly spamming their cannon balls

and their crown throws mr. Gaiman

watches side be his judge where he

swings this hammer and you get a

a number between one and nine now each

number has a property and like I said

it's completely random but the attack is

really good because it comes out fast

it's also really good in the air because

the attack comes out so quick so if

you're ledge guarding you can get it out

and still recover especially because mr.

Game & Watch has one of the best

recoveries in the game in my opinion the

only two numbers that matter are 8 & 9

so they come out randomly I just

happened to magically get an 8 right

there but eight is going to freeze and 9

is the 9 is the ping 9 is the one you

want because it's going to ko let's see

8 there we go 9

and while 9 doesn't come out super often

it does kill it really low damage let's

see that was at 48 and it killed mr.

game and watches up bees this parachute

and like I said it is probably one of

the best recoveries in the game if not

the best recovery in the game and once

you reach the top and the parachute

comes out he's gonna slow fall not to

mention that you can also attack out of

it but remember if you attack out of it

you lose the parachute and you're gonna

begin to fall at a normal speed

personally I think mr. Game & Watch is

one of the easier characters for newer

players to take up if they're looking to

start you know playing off the stage

mainly because of his recovery because

you can go all the way down here and

still make the recovery pretty easily

his upbeat also deals damage on hit so

you can use it to chase your enemies for

example if you grab your enemy and do an

up throw you can use an upbeat a

follow-up I honestly don't think mr.

game and watches tilts or anything

special especially when you're comparing

them to the rest of his kit however they

do come out pretty fast so you have his

forward tilt switches this chair it has

decent range on it but it's not very

strong even at higher damages I think

it's relatively weak so at a hundred

it'll knock off the stage I think around

114 to 120 it will kill though so you

can use it when you get your opponent to

a really high damage and you want to get

something out quick that's not gonna

take a while a charge but other than

that it's okay his down tilts is good

for spacing because it will launch an

enemy at an angle so if you need to get

someone off of you you can use a quick

down tilt to push them back another

attack that's really not gonna kill

unless you get to like a hundred and

damage let's see so Mario died around

120 last time so we're gonna put up 120

here and see will this kill him from a

middle of a stage all right so just like

the forward tilt if you get your

opponent to around 120 I guess depending

on the weight of them if they're heavier

character it might not kill them but

Mario flies pretty easily so around 120

you can probably secure a kill on

lighter characters with a Down tilt his

up tilts is this one to flag now this

hits twice if you hit them from the

front however if you hit them from the

back it'll hit on both sides but if you

hit them from the back it's only going

to hit with the second flag the cool

thing about is up tilt though is it

comes out really quick and at lower

damages you can use it to combo into a

back air or a neutral air okay so let's

talk about mr. game and watches air

attacks because they're really good and

you're going to be using them a lot his

neutral air is this fishbowl which has a

little bit of Splash Damage get it

because it's a fishbowl okay but

seriously his neutral air is really good

because it hits multiple times so if you

catch them with the bowl you're gonna

hit them three times okay his forward

air is the trickiest of the bunch for

the sole reason that he's dropping a

bomb and in order to do damage I think

you have to catch them when you take the

bomb out or when the bomb drops and

explodes now it's a fixed distance so

like I said it's a little weird but if

you knock them up yeah you can hit them

when you take the bomb out and also when

the bomb explodes now this is really

good for edgeguarding because you can

just stand here all day and just drop

bombs and try and catch someone as

they're coming back to the ledge like I

said the only real downside is they're a

little difficult to hit just because

they have a fixed distance and it's kind

of weird personally I think back air is

a way better option if you're ledge

guarding okay mr. Game & Watch is back

err is this multi hit turtle if he hits

you with it I think it's what three or

four hits it looks like three hits but I

personally think it's far superior than

his forward air especially if you're

playing over here because if you're

hanging on the ledge over here you know

you can get out a quick back air you can

hop off back air and you can actually

choose your opponents and knock them

further out and if you could get good at

pivoting it's also a real

good attack to short hop until you have

mr. game and watches up air which is

this little gust of wind that comes out

in previous games you actually couldn't

see anything you kind of just blew your

opponent up in the air but now it

actually does some damage and it's

another multi-hit air attack so it's

really good especially when you're doing

some up throws or down throws and you

have them above you you know you can use

it to juggle them mr. Game & Watch is

down air is the major key in which he

will pull out a giant key and he will

fast fall and try to stab you in the top

of the head it's a good attack because

you can use it to fast fall and catch

your opponent's off-guard and I think it

higher damages it will spike but the

hitbox is very small the cool thing is

you can actually chase your opponents

off the edge with a Down air but you

have to be careful because mr. Game &

Watch has to fall a set distance before

you can recover so it's important to

keep in mind that you don't want to use

it too low or use both of your jumps

before you use it because then it'll be

harder to recover last but not least we

have mr. game watch's throws we have his

down throw we have his up throw we have

his by the way this is me beating you

guys with the notification bell

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we have his back throw and we have his

forward throw the only throws are really

going to use with mr. Game & Watch are

his down and up throws because I feel

like back and forward just put way too

much distance between you and your enemy

and unless they're jumping back into you

you really can't start any kind of a

combo but his down throw you can

actually combo into an up B you can

combo it into a neutral air whereas his

his up throw at lower damages you can

combo into an up air which is really

nice but other than that his throws

really aren't anything special but

that's all we got for this video now go

forth and play some mr. Game & Watch and

let me know in the comments section

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