How To Play Mr. Game and Watch In Smash Ultimate

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everyone's favorite Renaissance man

flat boy is back and he's better than

ever today is character breakdown his

mr. Game & Watch one of Smash's oldest

characters on the roster mr. Gaiman

watches first appearance was in ball a

silver game and watched title released

by Nintendo in 1980 some fun facts about

mr. Game & Watch there are more than 60

titles in the Game & Watch franchise mr.

Game & Watch is the oldest character in

the smash franchise beating pac-man by

only one month and in Pikmin 2 one of

the treasures that a salvaged is a copy

of ball the first Game and Watch title

what's up YouTube of chalks bus and

today we're breaking down mr. Game &

Watch this is our third character guide

and this is a weekly series but before

we get started let me know in the

comments section below which character

you want to see next so far we've

covered inkling king K rool and now mr.

Game & Watch he's seen a bunch of

changes since smash 4 both cosmetic and

gameplay and we're gonna talk about them

mr. Game & Watch is nimble and he's

great in the air and he has a lot of

powerful smash attacks making him quite