Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tutorial - Forgot Password & Pattern Lock, Bypass Lockscreen, Factory Reset

so a lot of you will have personal

passwords on it pattern like this or a

pin or even a fingerprint

so if normally you just put in your

pattern and off you go but more often

than we'd like to you sometimes forget

these patterns or passwords this little

video is to show you what you can do

when this happens but as with a lot of

tips and tricks these tabs can be abused

so we are just providing this

information for right for rightful

owners of these devices or simply just

stuck so on this phone you can see we've

you know customizer to change the

desktop background and you know it's not

exactly out of the box now with the

lockscreen let's say you forgot your PIN

or in this case your pattern you try it

several times and you know you're

forgotten now you're doing this option

here the backup pin to recover your

password now in most cases that's going

to be even more difficult to remember

and it's simply not going to help us in

finding out what your password is so

what you can do is what's called a

factory reset so how you do that you

turn off the phone by pressing the power

button power off the phone

give it a few seconds to turn off and

once it's off we're going to need three

buttons to put this phone into what's

called a recovery mode so we have the

home button the volume up key and the

power button what we're going to do is

press all three buttons at the same time

and hold it so I'm going to press home

button folium and the power button at

the same time when the screen turns on

we can let go of the buttons and this

little Android animation will come up

give it a few seconds

and while we're waiting for this you see

glass back it's got some fingerprints on

it now that camera placements real nice

is curved along the edges bottom what I

like about is the volume is on the

bottom instead of the back and Crete

unlike previous Samson's okay so now we

have the screen here so what we're

looking for is the factory reset which

is right there

you'll note that the touchscreen doesn't

work so up here Culley the instructions

on how to navigate this screen volume up

and down to move and the power button to

select so we're going to pick factory

reset here so I'm going to press the

volume down them to move down until

we're on to factory reset and now just

press the power button and then I'll ask

you to confirm whether I want to

continue with this so there will be a

bunch of notes and there'll be one yes

just to make sure you don't accidentally

factory reset your phone we're going to

click yes and select the power button

once again and it will start formatting

phone now this is a warning this will

delete all the information that's on

your phone and as a safety precaution if

this were to be done by someone who

found your phone

it wouldn't be able to see your old

messages your own pictures as it will be

wiped before it or they will be able to

use it so once it's done a little state

data would complete and we can reboot

the system so once again we use the

power button to press that and they'll

turn off and reboot

so now when it turns back on its going

to take a little bit longer it's as if

it's a brand new phone we just took it

out of the box

so we'll have to load whatever it needs

to load when it's first turning on

so what you'll see is the screen that

first comes up on the phone when you

first bought the phone so we'll just

pick through all the information here


so the note here that they'll allow you

to actually put on your new password new

screen lock but just to just for the

purpose of this video we're just going

to skip that


so once you're finished now you should

be able to go to the home screen because

you notice before we have the orange

background and now we're back to the

original blue background that came with

foam so essentially the phones wiped its

completely original foam and now you can

start using it now I'm going to press

the lock screen and just to show you

there's no more password there's no more

pin when you try to turn on the phone so

I can watch your back onto the home

screen so there's just a little video

for you guys if you're ever stuck and

you forget your password your PIN and

there's no way for you to just access

your phone it's unfortunate that you

lose your files your contacts won't

unless you've saved it in Google you'll

lose your your contacts as well but

you'll definitely lose your messages and

the apps you've installed depending on

where you save your photos you might

also lose that that least this way you

get a fresh start you get to use your

phone again and

actually useful for you folks out there

hope you guys enjoy this video will

place useful to somebody