Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tutorial - Forgot Password & Pattern Lock, Bypass Lockscreen, Factory Reset

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so a lot of you will have personal

passwords on it pattern like this or a

pin or even a fingerprint

so if normally you just put in your

pattern and off you go but more often

than we'd like to you sometimes forget

these patterns or passwords this little

video is to show you what you can do

when this happens but as with a lot of

tips and tricks these tabs can be abused

so we are just providing this

information for right for rightful

owners of these devices or simply just

stuck so on this phone you can see we've

you know customizer to change the

desktop background and you know it's not

exactly out of the box now with the

lockscreen let's say you forgot your PIN

or in this case your pattern you try it

several times and you know you're

forgotten now you're doing this option

here the backup pin to recover your

password now in most cases that's going

to be even more difficult to remember

and it's simply not going to help us in

finding out what your password is so

what you can do is what's called a

factory reset so how you do that you

turn off the phone by pressing the power

button power off the phone