How to Unfreeze a Frozen Car Lock | Mr. Locksmith Video

it's winter and it's cold outside one of

the most common calls we have this time

of the year is people calling because

their car door locks are frozen the most

common reason for this is they wash the

car the night before most times there's

just a little bit of water inside the

door lock common lock the icer works

really really well however if you are at

home or on the road and you don't have

lock di sir what do you do

boiling water is the worst thing you can

do because a lot of nowadays a lot of

cars they have a lot of plastic parts

inside soft rubber you can wreck the

seals some cars are using hydraulics

electronics are a lot of lectrons

hanging off the back of the lock

cylinder so don't use boiling water

that's number one the other thing what

you can do the simple way is just hold

the key in your hand keep on putting it

in another lock if you have wd-40 around

the house it's not the best but it works

if you can run an extension cord out

your car run a a hairdryer works really

really well

you can also heat up the key just just

gently with a lighter heat up the key

don't heat it up really really hot

because inside that lock cylinder some

of them have a lot of plastic parts so

you just want to get it just slightly

warm to the touch and and you may have

to do this 10 20 30 times if you don't

have locked a sir if you have locked the

icer I'll show you a quick little way of

doing it and that's the the best they

have a lot of times lock gas or those

inside the car if you do have to wash

your car on the same on a cold day I

just get locked the icer and spray it

the locks that should do the trick if

your door is really really frozen then

you have to apply heat to the entire

door to get it open so again take a look

at this short little clip and I'll show

you how to put it put some locked yessir

in your car so here we have a nice cold

snowy day and

again don't pour water on this pot with

boiling hot water just make it more

difficult you have to get the dust cover

out of the way so just put your key in

there and just spray if you have lock

gazers the best you can get by with

wd-40 don't put any oil in there boiling

water will get to give you a longer more

trouble down the road so again get that

little dust cover out of the way you use

your key I heat it up keep the key up

with your hand put it back in put it

back in you could use a lighter gotta be


modern locks nowadays car locks they're

basically all plastic so you have to be

very very careful trying to get open if

you have a hair dryer and a long

extension cord use that we actually use

a 12-volt hair dryer that we put on the

lock would lock the icer sometimes we

have to do the whole door because it's

frozen in conclusion don't use boiling

water they'll cost you hundreds of

dollars on some cars to fix the next day

so try to use lock the icer follow the

common points i've said - usually

there's just a little bit of water in

your car car lock so it's not that

difficult to get it cleaned out either

with a little bit of heat or for

Sherlock de-icers about the way to go

okay this is Terry Williams for mr.

locksmith saying thank you