How to Unlock a Frozen Lock

today's how to is how to open a frozen

lock now I know you can use lock di sir

which it does work comes in a little

bottle you can put a little bit in there

in your lock and what it'll do

eventually is it'll dry up all the

moisture inside the lock and you would

think that would be a good thing but

eventually it gets so dry that it

becomes even hard to to work so what I

got was I'm not gonna show you what kind

it is but it says liquid graphite in a

spray can now you spray that into your

lock now this is to relive lubricate the

lock so what ends up happening is you

keep adding more of this graphite liquid

into the lock and this stuff from what I

found it tends to freeze so you end up

putting more lock the icer in there and

more lock de-icer and then it dries up

and then you need some more of this

stuff in and then it freezes again so I

have a better way that I found it

doesn't freeze up as easily and it

really lubricates the locks so just keep

watching just on my way out into my shed

mm-hmm pretty snowy out here it's

probably about minus three right now and

my lock is frozen I can't get my key to

turn so I've got my can I release all

here this is great stuff gonna spray it

into there a little bit locks all frozen

that's the thing with release all you

can spray just a little bit if you want

just a little bit you don't have to do a

huge spray works really well I've got

some pretty neat clips of Michael Kurt

lawnmower shuts playback and that

there so let's go ahead look there's

gonna be a start today

I owe people

he'll be fun