How to unlock a locked truck in less than 30 seconds!

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alright guys I'm gonna show you an old

cowboy trick and one thing about comic

tricks is they can get you in a lot of

trouble so there's some disclaimers here

so take a look at this

so say you got your your trailer and

your truck all loaded up and you're

ready to haul some cattle and you call

the farmer okay I'm gonna bring you some

cow and you ready to go and you find

that you lock the keys in the truck yeah

so what do you do

so there's several ways you can get in

probably easiest is just pick up a rock

break the window pop the button that's

kind of expensive though because you got

a broken window

I've actually called some locksmith and

what they do is they get in here and

some vehicles I don't know if you could

do it on this one but you can kind of

try to pry the window and then get in

there with you know something you see on

the movies though they'll pull off the

antenna and then they'll stick it in and

pop the button I don't know if that

would work on this vehicle but there's

an easy way to do it in a quick way and

first of all I should tell you that if

you're opening a vehicle you should