How to unlock ford f150 with keypad will be available soon

hello Nick Parris here again with

another quick how-to today we're going

to look at the key pads on your door

first trick you can do with this you can

lock your car seven eight nine and zero

tell you that on the card pretty easy to

do another thing you can do is to set

your own code maybe a little bit easier

to remember to do that I would enter in

my factory code it's going to unlock I'm

going to press the one in two it's going

to lock and unlock and now I can put in

my own personal five digit code another

bonus you can do with this too you can

press the one in two for memory position

one in three and four from memory

position two because you could have

multiple personal codes and then you

could attach each code to memory feature

so every time you put in your code

everything is going to move to your

position now your factory codes still

going to work and if you come to the

point where you decide you want to

change your code or just erase it I

would do the same thing I'm going to put

in the factory code compress the one and

two then press and hold and after about

three seconds now that a code that you

just put in for your personal code is

erased one last trick and your card

tells you this when you go to unlock

your car if you use the keypad it only

unlocks the driver's door if you press

three and four it all unlock all the

doors well that's that pretty easy to do

but man is it hard to find in the manual

if you have any questions please just

email me

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