Loc Takedown — My Unlocking Tutorial

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after 20 years I decided that I am going

to unlock my hair I've had them all

coloreds and I've had them all linked

I've always been very experimental with

my dreads so I decided I'm gonna be

experimenting with other hair styles and

the way I've decided that I'm gonna get

rid of them is by unlocking them I think

most women that I come into you know

contact with they automatically think

they just have to cut it and that is not

true in I am gonna dispel that myth

through my journey of unlocking my hair

first thing I did was separate my hair

in sections and drench the portion I was

working on in hot hot water I tried her

really well and I was very generous with

the conditioner that I use I worked that

portion in a bun and covered it with a

plastic sandwich bag to try and generate

heat to better penetrate the lock

when starting you start from the bottom

up of each lock I alternated between a

rat tail comb and a safety pin depending

on the thickness of my hair

I picked through each lock until it

began to loosen and shed hair and I

worked my way until I unraveled each

thread once each individual lock was out

I took the rat tail comb and comb