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hello and welcome to my channel y2k diva

locks today I want to talk about

dreadlock takedowns so if you or anyone

you know has dreadlocks and is or has

considered taking down their locks then

stay tuned as I share my take down

journey with you as well as the reasons

why after 13 years of being a lot I

chose to untangle my locks opposed to

opting for the big chop and also I'll

discuss some pros and cons to the

takedown method so if you're ready divas

let's get into this


so I had had my dreadlocks for 13 years

excuse me

my mother she had dreadlocks first and

she had been trying to convince me for

the longest time to get mops and I was

always reluctant there she is

she's 75 years old my mother has had

dreadlocks for over 20 years there she

and I and my mother started her LOC

journey when she was 55 there I am I had

already been well into my Locke journey

by time in these pictures so there I am

and my mother it convinced me to begin

the dreadlocks and I did I started my

locs in 2003 and the reason why I

decided to take down my locs it was for