Hard Reset - iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, 8 / 8 Plus (Disabled / Forgot Password)

how's it going viewers thank you guys

for watching this video in this video

we'll be showing us how to do a hard

reset on an iPhone 7 plus the iPhone 7

and 7 plus work similar it's the same

exact way if you are doing this to clear

your phone or reset it to factory

settings and you have access to your

phone to get inside the phone and go

through settings and reset it I strongly

recommend doing a factory reset it is a

lot easier less problems that way the

hard reset is recommended for doing

resets if the phone has is disabled or

if it's got a passcode on it that you

have forgotten so before we get started

I would like to just kind of recommend

getting the latest version of iTunes

that'll kind of help take away any kind

of problems any errors that might pop up

later on so if you're trying to do this

you're getting error messages try upload

updating your iTunes make sure you have

the latest version of iTunes and some

errors also pop up because you have a

cable that is not working correctly so

change that out might help solve some of

the problems as well so I'm going to go

ahead and start off with showing you

guys that the iPhone is disabled this

this one is disabled s connect to itunes

so if you're doing the reset it is

slightly different here on new phones

because the home button it used to be

the power in the home button the home

button is no longer a button it is a

sensor so it does not work that way so

we're going to want to start off by

powering off the device and right here

we can go ahead and slide to power off

next thing you're going to on to have is

have a computer or a laptop that has

iTunes on it and access to the Internet

it doesn't matter what brand or if it's

a laptop or a computer as long as you

have iTunes with Internet the next thing

we want to do is hook up our phone to

that computer or laptop with your

charging cable and then once you have

all that set what we're going to want to

do is first hit the power button hold it

for three seconds and then

simultaneously click the volume down

button once we have that going after 10

seconds we will release the power button

and continue holding the volume down

button until an error pops up here on

our itunes screen

so what I'm going to go ahead and start

the soft power button three two one add

the volume down button nine eight seven

six five four three two one zero release

the power button continue holding the

volume down button and we'll be waiting

for an error to pop up right there and

once it pops up you can then release it

and remove your hands from the device

and we're going to be moving over to the

I Tunes screen it says iTunes has

detected an iPhone and recovery mode you

must restore this iPhone before it can

be used with iTunes you can go ahead and

hit OK and it gives us I phones in

recovery mode if you're experiencing

problems with your iPhone you can

restore it its settings restored

settings original settings by clicking

the restore iPhone so we'll go ahead and

select restore iPhone excuse are you

sure you want to erase your phone and

everything will be deleted yes we can go

ahead restore and update it talks about

the iPhone software update ten point two

point one select next terms in agreement

we can just go ahead and agree and as

you can see right over here it is

starting to download stuff for the

iPhone right up there it has the little

clock that's spinning under the download

symbol so as its downloading this

information I would just like to take a

second and let you guys know that the

time that it takes to update and restore

everything there's a lot of variables

that play into it your version of iTunes

it might be updating your iTunes might

and then if the phone was an older iOS

or operating system it'll be updating

that as well so that takes more time if

you have slower internet connection that

will add also add time to it to make it

the process longer in this case I'm not

sure what iOS is on this device might

just go ahead and crop this just to make

sure you guys are getting everything you

guys need to see and all the download

upload stuff is cut to a minimum so

so here it is it is still up loading

some of them some of the iTunes will

have little bars showing you the

progress seeing how far it is mine on

this iTunes version all you got to do is

click on it here and it shows you that

downloads iPhone software update 2.3

three out of two point four gigabytes

about three minutes remaining so that is

just a little bit to show you how how

fast it takes or how long it's going to

take so that way you could plug it in

let it update while you go do something

else and at this time I just also like

to take a second say that if you found a

phone or you stole a phone and you're

trying to do a hard reset because the

previous owner had his information in

there the phone will be activation

locked I'll show you what that will look

like farther on in the video

towards the end you'll be able to see it

now will kind of explain it to show you

that you need the old Apple ID password

to get in so this will not remove the

Apple ID that is on the phone that stays

on the phone that's a anti-theft

security feature put in by Apple I'm so

there's no way I haven't found a way to

safely bypass it there are other people

that claim they have I've tried several

different methods I have not found

anything the only thing there's little

jailbreak type of things that only let

you use the phone partially so if you're

buying a phone off eBay make sure the

IMEI is clean make sure that everything

is cleared off and there are no iTune

accounts or Apple ID accounts attached

to that phone make sure everything is

cleared tell the owner to wipe that and

get it completely out of there and so

here we are last few seconds of the

uploads processing the file it's

completed everything

so it looks like we are done with the

update and now it is extracting software

off the iPhone as you guys can see the

toolbar has now moved now we are up here

it's shown that we are extracting

software so at this point its removing

everything off your device any pictures

contacts any kind of data will be wiped

off everything I'm excluding the carrier

this will not unlock the carrier won't

remove it so if you're on with fries and

you can't take it over 80 unless the

phone is factory unlocked to start with

so now it's moving on to preparing

iPhone for restore waiting for iPhone

and apps

preparing iPhone for restore the Apple

logo has appeared on the iPhone and at

this point we are seeing the power bar

over here kind of fill up on the phone

as long as it's verifying restoring

firmware software all that kind of stuff

it's getting everything back up to date

clerical clearing all the old stuff off

the phone and uploading the newest iOS

up onto the device and getting it to

that factory mode so there we have it

everything just kind of flashed

everything seemed to have uploaded all

the way you guys can see that there is

nothing going on with the device here


and now the device is starting up so at

this point I will keep it connected and

we'll just keep an eye here on the


we're going to go ahead and let this

load up get it go to get it to go all

the way it load it up all the way and it

has turned on and here we are we are at

the activation lock screen so here's how

this works if this phone is lost or

stolen it is asking for this iPhone is

linked to an Apple ID enter the Apple ID

and password that we used to set up this

phone so whatever is signed in on the

phone at the time you will need to enter

it in it gives you what the letter

starts with and at hotmail.com so if

this was your phone you would know what

what it is what the email that you used

to activate the phone so you'll be able

to type that in and add the password if

you forgot your password you can click

it reset it there are multiple ways to

reset it or restore it get it to get it

to factory settings so at this point

everything is wiped off the phone but it

is not set up that is still locked and

you're not able to activate this phone

unless the activation lock is removed

you might say well I'm just going to go

ahead into the phone and start the phone

up I'm going to go ahead startup for you

guys I'm going to go with English United

States it's going to ask you if you want

to use a Wi-Fi network I'm just gonna go

ahead and use the Wi-Fi network that I

have here I'm going to go ahead and type

in my past so there we go I got my

password typed in I'm just going to go

ahead hit join and this is just part of

the I guess setup process or the startup

process for the iPhone so let's say I

may take a few minutes to activate your

iPhone if you don't have a SIM card in

there it will not let you activate it

and it comes right back here to the

activation lock screen so it's saying

hey you know on the itunes computer the

iPhone and iTunes sync up they're saying

that this phone has an eye an iCloud

account or iTunes signed in on it and go

ahead and remove it so if it is yours

you can go ahead and type your

information in and it will reset it will

take it down to the home screen home

settings if it's not your phone if you

stole it found it this is what you get

the phone turns into a paperweight it's

not really used not very useful for

anything else so that is how you do the

hard reset on an iPhone

seven it's the same way for the iPhone 7

plus if you guys have any comments

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go ahead someone's having a problem with

this you can share this with them let

them know there is a solution for it let

them check it out and if you guys are

saying hey you haven't finished the

video you didn't get it to the home

screen if it was your phone and you type

in the Apple ID information the password

it will take you to the new phone you

can set up as a new device and it will

be cleared nothing will be on it and at

that point you could sell it

trade it do whatever you got to do with

it to get it out of your hands so it's

all I got for you guys in this one thank

you guys for watching thanks for

watching have a nice day