How to Unlock Disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes or Passcode Using Tenorshare 4uKey


hello guys I am back with another

amazing tutorial for you in this video

I'm gonna show you the way to fix an

iPhone which is disabled

this happens because of entering wrong

passwords again and again but don't

worry this video is for you it's easy to

fix in just a click you need a PC or a

Mac for this you cannot fix it without

computer so let's get started just

connect your phone to the computer and

you need to close iTunes because we're

not gonna fix it using items it's

complicated that's why we're gonna use a

software called can all share for you

key this is really nice software it's

much easier to use let's google it and

download it

it's an unlock a tool which allow you to

unlock iphone when you forgot the

password you can also go to the

description of this video there our link

for this software just click it and

download it it works on every iPhone

let's download it

so it is downloaded let's install it


now after installation just connect your

phone to your computer so it will detect

your phone and displays a start but an

honest officer this will solve the

lockscreen issues let's start it it is

asking for a safe path where you want to

save the framerate software file of the

iPhone it will download a software file

online of an iPhone which is around 2gb

it's simple just press download button

to start downloading normally it takes

15 minutes to complete the downloading

process and obviously depends on your

internet connection that helps fast it

is keep the iPhone connected to your

computer until this process and date in

case you disconnect your phone the

downloading process will stop but if you

connect it back to the computer

you need to follow the instructions on

your computer and it will resume the



so after mating 20 minutes it has

completed downloading the software now

you just need to press Start unlock

button after that it will start flashing

your device it probably takes around 10

minutes to complete the whole process

please keep your device being connected

do not use the device for it could cause

the device brick I am increasing the

speed of the video and skipping this

whole restoring process to make video


you must close iTunes if it runs during

the process


congratulations the restoring process

has completed now you can close the

software on your computer but keep the

device connected with the computer in

case of low battery






boom the phone has unlocked so thank you

for watching this video give the thumbs

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