How to Scrap a Car for $$$

today we've got something really

different for you we are gonna be

scrapping this BMW wagon and finding out

how much it's really worth as you can

see it is a huge mess in here but I've

gotten everything I need out of this

wagon it was a 2005 28 i T manual wagon

and that's why I bought it to get all

the manual conversion parts out of it

plus it had some cool bumpers like I

think these are mtech bumpers and

they're really rare hard to find so it

was a bonus and the reason why I got

this stuff as well you guys may have

seen this little shell sitting around at

the shop and it is my 540i wagon that I

hope hope one day we will put a 2 J into

so I've been slowly buying parts when

they come up and as I said this stuff

was really rare so it was a good time to

grab it but now we've got this entire

shell and usually I would just call

somebody to come pick it up and we'd

have it scrapped like we did with that

parts car Integra however this time

around these are my old wheels and I

don't want to lose these wheels they're

off of my 87 BMW so what we're gonna do

is take it to the scrapyard ourselves

and see how much they're gonna pay us

for the entire thing Pete's such a beef

you think he can load this car by


there's no motors true these have no

motor when you got work oh wow yeah

that's that she thinks that if you got

there well I didn't have to strip the

kind of stuff

and the reason why it's sitting so badly

or so low in the back yeah air

suspension is now gone ish I take the

pump off in the moment that it took the

pump off it went down some of you may be

wondering why on earth I'm scrapping

this pristine wagon that I bought for

800 bucks

well if this is an indication of what

this car looks like that is why it is

absolutely rotted like look it down here

it's done because as much as I would

love to save this wagon chunk it's okay

we'll get some some weight out of that

exactly by the pound I had so many

people contact me actually to buy a rear

hatch and apparently in Canada the

problem is water pools in this area and

it's a defect in terms of a design so

all these raw there was on the window

yeah like yeah look at this and that's

exactly the problem right so these

hatches are worth some money the owner

of this car was really clever though and

let me show you why so he wanted to

cover up some rough spots mm-hmm and

brilliantly he found vinyl tape like

check this out

and just covered up the rust with vinyl

tape which was amazing in that sense you

can see here this door is like fully

rotted but the vinyl tape is still

holding on so I mean you know seems like

a better repair than using black tape

which is what a lot of people would do

why did you pull the motor from this

thing heat well I needed the manual

conversion parts and the transmissions

go to our buddy JP he's been needing a

ZF so that's gonna happen and I figured

it was good practice for a whole trip

letter it was good practice for a future

project that we've got coming up and you

know what it's really neat like with the

BMW's you just take the whole front end

off yeah moving the motor isn't that


judge Garrett to the left a bit oh

what's on the ground back oh yeah it's

on the ground luckily it's so flimsy

it'll just break look at that hmm damn

it gonna unbolt that mess ah I never I

really didn't want to impact gun it off

so it's a couple of rough no I

you can't take this off it's too rotted

I already thought about that

oh this is a pizza new dolly system for

loading cars on trailers okay so you

stay back here I'm gonna go hit the

winch and yeah I'll let you know when it

falls off and destroys our fantasy floor


I'm leaving this up to you DP that's a

bad life choice Peter that's just there

you go that looks like a hook it's a

rubber hose and should it be good all

right let's head to Kenny you pull you

could probably tell by the crazy wind

noise that is super windy out here and

we already had a hook like this a couple

times so all right we have arrived at

Kenny you pull here and I think we got

to pull up on the scales there just see

what we're at first okay so I was just

inside gave the lady the paperwork the

registration and it's pretty simple you

pull the truck and trailer on we get

weighed with the BMW then once it comes

off they weight again and we difference

is how much that pay exactly so what are

you thinking in terms of money that

we're gonna get ahead I have no idea

say maybe 200 bucks yeah I'm taking 150

just because there's not a lot of stuff

left in it so okay well I'll go 200 you

go with one ferry well sandy if you guys

want to stop the video here and post

your comment in terms of what you think

this thing's worth do that okay our

total is 10,000

7:40 there that's what it's showing can

you believe the wind out here today like

what is going on the windiest day I've

probably ever felt in my life it's

ridiculous all right let's get this

thing off here yeah all the straps are

off now this guy's going to come that

guy over there he's gonna actually pull

this thing up and then I'm thinking the

wheels on I gotta take the wheels off

here we go here we go here we go gonna

get exciting the car come off the

trailer I like this before

going right through the window

getting those wheels off



like a pit-stop makes you think that

such a calm day here for the job feet no

it's a windy day of the year that's

terrible sorry YouTube fans the audio is

going to be garbage but it does BTOP



there it is so long BMW and now DP gets

a pullback on to the loading dock here

in the weigh station sorry and we'll see

where he's at

oh I see the number already 83 6080 340

that's not bad alright let's go inside

and see how much we get paid all right

oh my god the wind is absolutely

terrible here what better news the

results are in here DP and we did better

than what you expected and I expected

really oh my goodness

100 200 250 275 ma'am holy smokes man

that's incredible for scrapping your own

car and that car was already like we

didn't have the motor half the stuff was

out of it so that's impressive very very

impressive we will take that to the bank

use it for car park money you'd only

weighed like 2500 pounds ourselves yeah

yeah so I mean like Wow super cool this

is a good experience for us to know it

from now on we're gonna be scrapping all

their own cars i scrapped cars before

where people pick them up and it's like

a hundred bucks max so that is worth it

definitely worth doing this so now you

know a crappy BMW like that is worth

$275 in your pocket and a pretty cool

show with a guy who put his forklift

through the windows that was pretty

awesome right so as always thank you for

watching hit the thumbs up if you liked

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you once again we'll be back soon with

more cool videos yeah kind of keep going


yeah it's working