7 Tips for Selling Frame Damaged Rebuilt Salvage or Branded Title Cars

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Oh what's going on everybody welcome

back to resurrect hopefully all of you

guys watching or well in today's video

we're gonna be going over seven tips on

how to successfully sell a vehicle with

a rebuilt title or a branded title known

sometimes so by extension this can apply

also to cars that have a clean title

that maybe have something really ugly on

a car facts such as structural or frame

damage those cars could be difficult to

sell as well but understand that there

is a difference between a salvage car a

rebuilt car and a clean title car with

an ugly Carfax so for the rest of the

video I might just wrump these all

together and refer to them as salvage

for simplification but in some ways

these cars will be very similar in some

ways they will be very different but all

of them are a challenge to sell so these