~ How To Sell Land Quickly ~

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How to sell real estate land?

Step 1: Prepare the land for sale Make sure the land has been cleared, and any necessary permits, surveys, or zoning changes have been taken care of. Consider hiring a real estate agent to help you market and sell the land.
Step 2: Determine the market value of the land Research recent sales of similar land in the area to determine a fair market value. You may also want to consider hiring an appraiser to provide an official valuation of the land.
Step 3: Advertise the land for sale Create a compelling listing for the land using attractive photos and detailed descriptions. Advertise the land for sale on real estate websites, social media, and print ads.
Step 4: Negotiate and close the sale When a potential buyer expresses interest, negotiate the terms of the sale, including the purchase price and any contingencies. Once an agreement is reached, hire an attorney to draft the purchase contract and oversee the closing process.


hi how are you today i'm linda hafner

top producing realtor at era key realty

in central massachusetts

we're going to talk today about how to


lands quickly


the best way to get your land sold

quickly is by giving the buyers

what they want and what they want is a

piece of property

that is already approved by the town

and it's a buildable lot and if there


um things on the land that make it

difficult for example wetlands you know


wetlands are on the property and they

have not been approved by the town and

the law hasn't been approved

these are all things that slow the