3 Things EVERY Real Estate Agent MUST DO To Sell More in 2019


what's up everybody this is DC welcome

back to another video as we begin this

video two things I want to say real

quick thank you to everybody who came

out to the California Association of

Realtors reimagine event I was Thursday

yesterday was my segment from 235 to

about 320 the time flew I spoke for

about 45 minutes and wanted to do more I

felt like I only hit the tip of the

iceberg but that's usually how it is at

events I get into that mode and I just

start giving so thank you to every

single individual came out for that I

really appreciate it and so in this

particular video what I wanted to do and

before we begin real quick I have gone

from doing the green screen background

to this I would like to hear in the

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one you prefer

right if more people for this background

or something different and then I'll

continue doing this three things there

Realtors have to do on real estate

agents going into 2018 or sorry 2019 in

order to continue progressing continue

having success continue winning okay and

that's the focus for this video nothing

else and I'm gonna go through three

points that are extremely extremely

important that I believe one I covered

yesterday at the event but it's just a

simple understanding and the proper

mindset for you to have more success

whether you want to sell 10 houses a

year or a million a year these are some

very very crucial points that are gonna

make life much easier for you as a real

estate agent okay so number one is we

have to find this happy medium okay

because a lot of people fall on two ends

of the spectrum when it comes to

educating the client right that's a part

of the process that we really have to

embrace especially if you're an agent

all across America

maybe in a not so big city right it's

extremely important for you too we have

to find this happy medium okay some

people fall on the spectrum of they feel

like hey if I give any information to

somebody I have to save it for the

meeting I have to hide every

I can't tell them anything otherwise

they're just gonna compare me to other

agents so there's the agents who fall on

the side of I don't want to give any

information I just want the appointment

I want to meet with the client and

that's it okay then you have the people

who follow the other end of the spectrum

which typically happen to be newer

agents or less experienced agents and

they get into this explain mode and they

give too much information because they

feel that like they have to make up for

something that they don't have which is

experience okay so it comes from almost

like a scarcity standpoint and at that

point what happens is we give so much

information that many times the client

is almost overwhelmed right and that's

classic sales teaching if at any point

you overwhelm your client or you give

too much information to where they have

too many datums going around on their

mind and they hit a state of confusion

you lost them I don't care how good you

are how qualified you are you lost them

in that moment they're done and they're

not gonna work with you okay so we have

people who fall on both ends of these

spectrums how do we find this happy

medium which is where you have to strive

to be to have more success going into

2019 because that's the one that makes

them more comfortable makes them trust

you and really helps you build a strong

bond in connection with the client now

what I do a lot of times is I call it

giving little nuggets to the client this

is just one quick tip I can give you to

help you with this because you have to

make that distinction you first have to

determine am I not giving enough where

am I giving too much now I need to get

to the middle one step you can do is as

I'm talking to people I know for example

coming into the holidays a lot of people

have a false misconception that the

market completely shuts down nobody's

buying nobody's selling and it's a rumor

and some Realtors actually tell that to

their clients which is ridiculous

so we know if somebody for example wants

to sell right now there's less

competition there might be a few less

buyers of course right of course but

it's more so agents taking time off and

people buying into that mindset so I

know if there's US inventory right now

so there's gonna have a better shot at

selling let's look at some of the facts

people who buy at the end of the year

for tax reasons are more serious people

are more more emotional we have job


to be in their home by December January

1st or whatever it is so we still have a

very strong buyer pool who's buying

people are buying and selling regardless

of seasons it doesn't matter I mean

unless you're somewhere on the East

Coast where it snows 3 feet 36 inches

overnight and everything shut down cool

then you might be the exception to the

rule okay with that said now I give

little nuggets okay I may save something

along the lines of well I'm sure you've

been hearing rumors that the market

slows down around this time is that

right they're gonna be like well yeah

because everybody's saying that and now

you can get in the dialogue to tell them

well in actuality what we're seeing yeah

we see a decrease in inventory slightly

in bars but more so than anything else

we see a lot of agents taking time off

so if there's less agents working on the

market what do you think that's gonna do

to the amount of transactions that are

being done right did you know that

inventory goes down right now so if

there's still a strong amount of buyers

and there's less listings on the market

meaning less competition for you mr.

seller what do you think that's gonna do

for you so now getting in a conversation

with them now I'm not going to go

through a whole ten minute conversation

with them about it but say look all I'm

saying is you have options right now so

why don't we set up a time to get

together and we can discuss them and you

can see whether the time is right now

for you to you know make a decision and

sell or if you should wait until the

spring okay now I'm giving myself an

opportunity right that's gonna be number

one is finding that happy medium

educating the clients a bit with Nuggets

not giving too little information but

also not giving too much information

okay number two is gonna be your

commitment to social media and video

marketing this is huge I talked a lot

about it yesterday and most of the

blocks that people have with this is

mental I'm not good-looking enough I'm

too young I don't know I don't have the

right camera all the excuses right

they're not covered that really really a

depth if you were there at the event

then you left with some valuable

valuable mindset shifts and tools that's

for sure but you watching this video if

you didn't attend the event you have to

make this commitment and say okay what

am I gonna do

finishing up here 2018 going into 2019

I'm making this video now for a reason

you still have two and a half months to

get going okay what am I gonna do now am

I gonna start being more active on

Facebook on insta

on YouTube that's where the eyeballs are

at ladies and gentlemen it doesn't

matter if you have a million followers

five followers if you get a ton of views

I don't get many views on my YouTube

videos and it's been like that since the

beginning I'm not the one doing all the

perfect SEO and thumbnails and titles I

could give a but I have a strong

brand and recognition how else do you

think I'm getting speaking gigs like

speaking for the California Association

of Realtors commit to doing it it's not

complicated just do it I'm not gonna sit

here and give you a ten item list of

what to do you have to do it you have to

do it pick up a camera use your iPhone I

use my iPhone for the first three years

of YouTube by the way I didn't get this

camera until like a year year and a half

ago something like that maybe a year and

a half we'll call it that iPhone for

three years and not the fancy new

iPhones I'm talking iPhone five the

little one there wasn't even a 1080p I

don't think and the audio quality isn't

even that good but I still did it no

excuses commit to being active and

posting about yourself your life and

real estate on social media period don't

complicate it just turn the camera on

and start talking and start doing stuff

okay if you need to prepare a little bit

beforehand have a topic you want to talk

about have something written down and

read it it doesn't matter get to doing

okay that's going to be number two is

your commitment to social media video

marketing number three is gonna be your

continuous education and I'll call this

a - a two-way street right your

continuous education about the market

shift and where it's going so again you

can educate people right and number two

is your continuous commitment to skill

building when the market shifts it's

gonna require that you have a higher

amount of skill for those who for those

of you who have been following me for a

long time I said it's coming and when

the market ships comes you must be able

to rely more so than ever on your skills

on your skills this is where you make

the big bucks now this is where the two

hours a day of role playing and calling

the expired for sell my owners and and

mastering your craft and visiting them

and doing your presentations and doing

office in front of your whole office

presentations and getting down to the

nitty gritty studying the contract

doing everything this is when it's gonna

pay off ladies and gentlemen this is

when it's gonna pay offs with for those

of you who committed and have been doing

it I salute you I applaud you because

now you're about to kill it because your

skills will take you to the top people

are gonna be more hesitant than ever

people are gonna be more nervous people

are gonna be apprehensive about the

market right we had working for us

before the benefit of the market being

hot so people were just writing but now

with people around the fence are saying

I don't know it's gonna require your

guidance as a professional your

expertise and your skills to ultimately

help them decide in that part of their

life for that fork in the road am I

going to do a real estate transaction is

now the time or is it not and a lot of

times people will not do it because

their realtor doesn't guide them or have

the skill to help them see the real

situation now whether that real

situation is hold off or actually do it

it's up to you to help them see the

light we can say so the more educated

you are on the market and where it's

going and it's very simple right study

the trends over the last couple of

months of how many homes are coming on

the market how many are coming off price

reductions selling and asking above

asking below asking start taking a look

what's average days on market simple

stuff you can look at just by looking on

your MLS and tracking it over the last

couple of months and you can share that

with your clients so you can show them

hey we have to really focus in on price

now price is super super important if we

don't nail down the right price forget

it you're not gonna be going to Florida

this isn't three years ago where we

could just throw any price on it and 20

buyers are gonna jump in it'll still

sell of course it'll still sell but more

than ever if they're really focused as a

team you and me mister seller and say

okay what's the right price it's gonna

attract all the buyers and ultimately

not only get you sold would get you top

dollar in this market and again we

really have to commit to the skills and

the expertise of actually knowing the

market and again I've said it study that

let's go preview some homes and start

looking at what's out there start taking

guesses in your mind and writing down

what you think it's gonna sell for after

you look at it so you familiarize

yourself with not only the inventory but

what happens and then when it sells you

can say okay

it was gonna sell for 600 it's over 605

I'm pretty good at estimating price now

now when you sit with the customer how

much more confidence are you gonna have

to be able to tell them this is the


are you sure Brian absolutely I'm sure

because I study the market all the time

in person looking at these listings and

on the MLS I know the market inside and

out like the back of my hand baby that's

gonna give you that confidence and guess

what if you have that confidence you

need to display it what do you think the

customers gonna do is either gonna

question you know they're gonna really

trust you and when the client trusts you

then you can actually guide them a

hundred percent from the position of

contribution from helping them get what

they want and actually being able to

have somebody there listen to your

expert advice and actually follow it for

once instead of questioning you okay so

let's wrap it up commitment to video and

social media marketing you've got you've

got to do it finding that happy medium

between two little information and too

much information and keeping wetting

their beak you can say but keeping them

interested enough that they want a

little bit more you have to leave them

wanting a little bit more that's the key

for those of you stuck to the end of the

video you have to leave them watching a

little bit more that really is the key

and lastly the expertise of the market

and actual studying of it and then your

skills you see a lot of the topics that

I talk about don't really change I just

give you a different angle on it maybe

you never heard me say the first one but

this is a reminder that skills knowledge

and all that and you being a trusted

advisor and somebody's biggest

transaction in their life right now is

more important than ever because we're

in the shifting market and we're not in

a crazy hot market you will start seeing

over time as this market shifts more

Realtors are gonna get out there's gonna

be less amateurs you're not going to be

dealing with as much oh my cousin got

their license oh my brother has his

license because they're gonna be out

however however will require that you

have additional skill that you are more

confident and you can guide your clients

to help to make a decision they may have

more objections now than they ever did

before except now instead of the

Commission objection or the price

because the market was hot

now it's should we sell we might want to

wait we're not sure we want to think

about it we want to wait it out we want

to wait three years and those require a


skill to handle then we don't want to

pay 6% for 5% or 7% or whatever your

commission is okay so something to keep

in mind as always make sure you stick to

these three commitments I want you to

comment below again right now what you

commit to doing if you are watching let

people know where you're from that way

you guys can connect in the comments

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