11 Rules You're Getting Wrong In Monopoly The Board Game

remember you have to go round the board

once before you can buy anything well in

fact you don't actually have to go

around the board first before buying a

property can buy property as soon as

it's your first term thereby starting

the competition straight away

I don't think owned by their property

has much higher standards than that if a

player decides not to buy a property

that they land on the bank immediately

puts it up for auction starting at a

minimum of 10 or not leave dollars

please then take turns to bid on the


increasing the B by at least one

monopoly dollar each time if no one

wants the property still then the

property remains up for sale and the

gameplay continues oh sweet free parking

and get to collect all the tax that we

place on the mill the board earlier in

the game will actually know the money

from super taxing context doesn't go

into the central board and when plays

land free parking

they simply collect nothing oh man come

on take your turn jest so I can buy a

hotel I really want it look at these

little beauties did you know that you

can build a house or hotel at any time

you don't actually have to wait for your

turn 100 200 300 $400 I pay 400 dollars

to the bank to buy four houses and place

them all on Vine Street did you know

that when you're building multiple

houses you need to actually spread your

houses evenly across your color property

spaces a good tip is to start moving

from the most expensive property and

working your way down towards the

cheapest property that listen here fine

gentlemen I have a very enticing offer

for you how about I trade you Leicester

Square for Trafalgar Square Leicester

Square comes with this most attractive 5

star hotel which I think you would fancy

very much if a player wants a trade of

property with another player first of

all they need to take any houses or

hotels on it and cash it into the bank

or 50% of its original price before

handing the property over to the upper

player Oh ever only

20 Monopoly dollars would you find

friends be able to lend me a hundred

monopoly dollars by any chance it is

forbidden for players to borrow money

from other players players can earn

extra cash by mortgaging their

properties or simply cashing in their

houses or hotels well it appears I'm

going to mortgage maid there for $200

and use the money to buy a house for

Mayfair itself plays cannot actually

build houses or hotels on a set of

colored properties if one of the

properties is currently mortgage when

players pay off their mortgage they must

also pay 10% of the original mortgage

price on the top as interest to give me

that property that I need to finish my

green color set I'll give you my

mortgage Mayfair property mortgage

properties can actually be traded

between players I plan a trailer

mortgage property provided that the new

player accepting it pays off the

mortgage off immediately or they simply

pay the 10% extra to the bank and pay

the risk the mortgage off later we look

at all the monopoly cash that I have

where to go ah looks like I'll have to

cash in that hotel if a player feels

like they're strapped for cash a player

can sell a hotel for 50% of its original

purchase price and trade it in for 4


so this is a little bit serious as

mortgaged on my properties and I have no

cash I think my fine friend I'll call it

a day when a player is bankrupt all of

their properties are immediately up for

auction and up for grabs for the other

players all starting at 10 monopoly

dollars we've been long and winding road

oh is that where are my money went