Ep.4- Monopoly ultimate banking how to auction a property

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hello this is warm-up game a two four

five six this is my first video monopoly

ultimate 9k today I'm going to be

teaching you how to optional property

two optional property after landing a

property let's program for the angel

Islington and then you give any anything

you don't want to buy it and then you

and you can't usually that out you after

auction it to oxalate you could cut it

creates the property card on the

calculator hold up let's code and then

you press the little button and then

you'll come up with this this symbol

then you check on people have to be

fighting on the today near fluorescence

so some people might be play for 120

1816 then I do some people have be

fighting to buy it okay

and you get it on three pounds the

diffuse the if you land on a foxy for