Pampered Chef Consultant Tips – Selling Pampered Chef Products Successfully Online

hey guys bring blaze here welcome along

to this video would you like to learn

how to become a top earning pampered

chef consultant by recruiting people

online effortlessly who are already

looking for you

if so stay with me in this video because

you're going to learn how you can start

strategically systemising and automating

that lead acquisition process by

leveraging the power of the internet in

this digital economy and if this message

resonates with you if this is a topic

you would like to dive deeper on and be

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important sales in your business and get

cashflow positive to create that time

freedom so the first tip I have for you

today is to start taking full control of

your own lead generation the traditional

offline prospecting methods it's not

that they no longer work it's just that

they're somewhat lagging in efficiency

and effectiveness in today's digital

economy there are great lists staircase

especially home parties with pampered

chef cookin brings people together but

as far as the business opportunity cited

things for recruitment and prospect and

your friends family and co-workers are

not very targeted they're not actively

seeking a business opportunity and this

puts you into the role of a salesperson

and sometimes the more we sell the more

we repel also unless you've got an

enormous family you're eventually going

to run out of leads if you haven't done

so already

now home parties are okay but you need

to be teaching your team something that

they believe is possible for them and

some of them might live in the

countryside guys for known there's

nobody for five miles so how are they

supposed to reach that kind of sales

volume that in retail says that they

need each month the kitchen products

industry guys is an 11 billion dollar a

year industry you don't even need to

slice it that pie you just need to stick

your fork in and lick on you're done so

I mean to tap into this it has never

been simpler thanks to the leverage of

the Internet in this digital economy you

can strategically be positioning

yourself in front of people that's

already looking for you you can automate

and systemize the recruiting process

we're going to teach you how to create

the relevant necessary content that

positions you as a leader in an

authority and an educator in the

marketplace that will attract your ideal

prospects to you people come looking for

you instead of you chase and others you

become the hunted instead of the hunter

and we wanted this more Deb

and our bootcamp number two is the

development of a new set of skills if

you observe any top earner top producer

across this network market and

profession you'll realize that they're

constantly increasing what's known as

their PVL their personal value level

they're always attended events

conferences harping on training calls

reading books listen to audio books

learning new marketing methods that are

relevant in today's mobile revolution so

that they can pass on these strategies

to their team to help them duplicate and

build that big organization I mean if

you think about it guys nobody's looking

at the billboard on the side of the road

nobody's looking at the magazine ad on

page 120 or listen to the radio ad or

the TV ad people's attention has shifted

and we're in the mobile revolution so

you've got to learn how to go over

people's attention our goal for the eyes

our guys get out onto these platforms

that have people's attention right now

we're going to show you whether it's

Facebook periscope Instagram snapchat

and the platforms will keep changing as

the social media state of the internet

evolves but we are Indian digital

revolution guys so it's crucial to be

incorporating this into your business

building strategy number three guys is

to have a clearly defined set of goals

and take daily consistent action towards

the accomplishment of those goals if you

don't give your brand something to focus

on it's going to find something Fox Sun

because there's a million of more

negative external influences vying for

attention every day and worry is simply

negative goal set and it's using your

mind to create what you don't want

visualization in Reverse so you've got

to take conscious control of your focus

and power guys and use Y power know

exactly why you want to win your

financial prosperity in your financial

freedom in this industry what impact do

you want to leave on your community on

your family what legacy do you want to

leave whose life is going to be

infinitely greater when you do succeed

these are the kind of things that's

going to pull you through any temporary

setbacks when that strategy or that

attempt doesn't work you'll know why

you're doing this because this is a

business guys it needs to be treated

like a business and sometimes

unfortunately the low barrier to entry

financially doesn't get people to put

enough skin in the game so you've got to

take it seriously if you want to see big

results and it's what you do

consistently that counts it's not what

you do once in a while so let's say you

pick one market method let's say it's

Instagram stick to it guys dive in my

friend buy every training course you can

become an expert at it and then you've

got something of value to pass on to

your team that can help them succeed and

that's why they join you as opposed to


so I hope you got some value that you

can take away from this video and apply

to your pampered chef business guys if

you've been struggling suffering from

over well being bombarded by conflicting

messages and getting that education

paralyzation and analysis paralysis I

know exactly how you feel I felt the

same way guys I struggle and spin my

wheels for over six years in this

industry and the traditional offline

methods they never really suited my

personality I wanted leverage I want to

time freedom in my business but

sometimes people are working so hard on

their business they just end up creating

another job for themselves I wanted to

automation I eventually found the right

mentors who taught me the right

information in the right sequence at the

right time and within a year guys my

business had exploded so if you're ready

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