THE TRUTH about joining The Pampered Chef

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

um long time no see i haven't made a

video in

like a month just because life has been


busy working and everything um and

working on pampered chef

so sorry for the lack of videos i want

to get back into it

hardcore um so today

i wanted to talk about becoming a


because that is what i get the majority

of questions about

um and the majority of

my consultants who are under me actually

found me on youtube

so i feel like that is the content

that's lacking

on youtube is there's not a ton of

pampered chef videos

um and there's also not a ton of

explanation of becoming a consultant

what that means and like

responsibilities that come with that so

to know more about becoming a pampered

chef consultant

then just keep watching so the first

thing with joining a company like this

um which most people are aware of is


investment um so a lot of

direct selling companies are gonna have

you purchase things every month or keep

an inventory

um pampership does not do that so there

is super low risk

when joining pampered chef which is the

main reason why i joined

because i'm not interested in making

some other company a ton of money i'm

interested in making myself money

so the first thing is going to be your

investment like i said which

the only thing you need to do to become

a pampered chef consultant is to buy

your kit

so there's three different kits that you

can buy and i'm going to insert pictures

here so you'll see exactly what i'm

talking about

so the first kit is going to be the

starter kit which is 99

and that includes our rock croc everyday

pan that's going to be your

bigger ticket item in the 99 kit

it is a value of over 400 retail

um so that's kind of where that one

stands the second one

is the deluxe kit um this is the middle

of the road kit

it includes the

rock croc everyday pan the large bar pan

and a ton of other stuff that you'll see

that one is 159 and that one has a value

of over 700

retail the next one is the ultimate kit

which i personally think if you're gonna

join pampered chef and you're

able to this is the kit you should buy


if you join under me i do not make

commission i don't make anything off of

your kit this is just my

pure advice from me to you the value of

the ultimate kit is over eleven hundred


retail and you pay 259 for it and that's

going to include

the quick cooker with its accessories

um the rock croc every day no the rock

croc dutch oven which is the big

rock croc which i love and the large bar


um and you'll see everything else that's

included here too so the reason why

this one is such is the no-brainer for

me is if you do have the funds available

which i understand some people don't

so if you don't do the 99 kit and you

can buy the other stuff that's totally


um or you don't have to but it's just

such a better value you're only paying

259 and you're getting

so much product so if you don't have a

lot of paper chef or if you don't have


this is an amazing way for you to fall

in love with the products and if you've

ever worked in sales before

it's a lot easier to sell something that

you're passionate about which is why i

feel like

it's so natural for me to sell pampered

chef because i truly love it and i've

loved it for years and years and years

so it's easy for me to talk about to you

why i love

bar pans why i love the quick cooker why

i love my airfryer

because i use it every single day and i

actually love it

so it's easy for me to talk to you about

it because i know so much about it um

and it just comes naturally it's not

like i'm trying to sell you something

random like golf clubs like i have no

idea about a golf club you know

so the next thing i wanted to touch on

is um

kidnapping so kidnapping is when

you buy a kit you have no intention of


you can do this so that's what i'm

saying is there is no

you're not signing a contract you're not

obligated to

anything this is simply at will work

so if you want to make money with

pampered chef you can if you just want

the kit

you want to pay 259 and get a ton of

pampered chef

and never sell a single penny

that is fine um what would happen then

is and obviously i don't encourage that

i mean i want you to sell it because i

want you to see all of the amazing

benefits that i have seen

but i understand if you just want to get

the kit do it

a ton of people my director started off

being a kidnapper she just wanted the


and now she's made tons and tons of

money gotten

tons of free product from working the


so basically what that means is you

would just buy the kit

you don't sell any pampered chip you

don't try to sell any pamper chef

you just want the kit you take it it

comes to your house

in like three or four days it'll show up

at your door

um and then after three months

of not selling anything you're gonna go


and then after six months you would have

to re-sign up

under someone in order to sell and you'd

have to buy another kit

etc so if you have no interest in

selling that's fine you can do that too

i mean

obviously i don't that's not what i want

you to do but

um that is an option so just being

totally transparent

how easy it is to sell this is seriously

the best direct

selling company that you could possibly

work for because

everyone eats absolutely everyone eats

not everyone wears makeup not everyone

wears nail polish

not everyone wears bright colored


not everyone wants essential oils those

are all very

specific target markets but absolutely

everyone on earth

has to eat and that's all you're doing

you're just giving

your customer mealtime solutions um and

it's really easy there's

you know a few different kind of

concerns that i hear from people

and the first one is oh well i just

don't cook

and that's fine i don't cook a lot i

still use my pampered chef

every single day i don't cook every

single day but i use my paper chef every

single day

so there's tons of products that you

don't have to be you know a chef

to use it's just convenience

heating things up in the microwave not

even cooking in the microwave just

heating things up in the microwave

your knives you're still gonna have to

cut food to put it in the microwave

um etc etc i mean there's tons of

different examples

of stuff that you don't have to be a

major cook

use our products so that's just one of

the main reasons

why it's so so easy to sell and it

really does sell itself

the other thing that makes it so easy to

sell is that right now

especially everyone is doing facebook


i have not done a single in-person party

since i started

and i only really have one on my

calendar for the foreseeable future and

it's a bridal shower which i understand

some people are going to want to do

those in person now

um so you don't have to go into

someone's home to sell pampered chef you

can sell it all online

using facebook using facebook groups and

using posting applications

so i use visually to post that's what my

team uses

it's so user friendly it took me maybe

two hours to figure out

the ins and outs of what to do and

for me to get ready to start a party um

which lasts a week and is hopefully

going to make me money

it takes me about an hour to set up the

whole thing i don't have to look at it

again for the whole week

um so that should just tell you how easy

it is to do

the next thing i want to talk about is

the monthly fees that it takes to be a

consultant because there are

two small fees so like i said your


is just a one-time fee that you pay

which is going to be your kit

after your investment after that

you don't pay anything else except for

four dollars per month which is your


that pampered chef takes care of um

since you are a 1099 employee

so that four dollars a month is gonna

just come out of your commission so i've


like paid that before it just comes out

of your commission check eleven dollars

a month

so that's 15 total per month that's

going to come out of your commission

the 11 is for your personal website

which is going to be how your customers

shop directly from you

and make you commission and the eleven

dollars a month

does not start until after your first 90


so i actually don't even think that i

have paid that one yet out of my


so super super low expenses

the only other thing that i pay for

which is optional

is ten dollars a month for visually

which is my posting application which

like i said it just makes my life

so much easier and that's ten dollars a

month and you get your first 30 days


with visually and there's other

applications you can use if you don't

want to pay the ten dollars a month you

can just use the free facebook scheduler

to me that just took too much time um

time is money

and the ten dollars was more worth it to

me than

using the free facebook scheduler but

you're more than welcome to do that

the next piece of advice that i have if

you are looking to join pampered chef as

a consultant

is to really know what team you're


so obviously i want you to join my team

that's why i've made these youtube

videos for you

and you know that's why i'm here because

i want you to join my team so if you

want to do that

link below um

but i just in general if you don't want

to join my team that's fine too this is

free information for you

be very aware of what team you're


the type of people that are over you and

what your organization as a whole

is doing and their goals because what

you don't want to do is join a team

that doesn't have a i don't want to say

a large organization because the size

doesn't matter it's quality

um are the people on your team motivated

are they selling every month are they

recruiting every month and are they

booking every month

do they have large goals do you have

incentives within your team and you can

find all of that out

by the consultant that you want to join

under they should know the answer to all

of those questions um and if they don't

i would say that that's a red flag

so you should know everyone who's above

you not memorize but you should be able

to find the information of your upline

how involved that consultant that is

going to be over you

is with the organization and with their

upline what kind of relationship do they


with those people and i say that because

i was not educated when i joined

i was not aware of the team that i was

joining and i feel like i got

super super lucky because the people who

have joined under me

have had bad experiences with other

teams and

came to me looking for someone who

really knew what they were doing who

took their business

very very seriously i joined an amazing

team being

under emma that is my senior advance


and she's the organization that you'll

be on if you join with me

um she is incredible she sells

so much every single month she recruits

like crazy every single month and she's

the best person

to look to for advice guidance tips

she's super motivating because she's so

on top of it and she's only been with

the business like three years

so it's really she's a great person to

look at and be like wow like if she can

do it

i can do it sorry if the angle changed


the lighting changed or anything i had

to take a break because i was just on a

phone call for like an hour

for teams and you want to make sure that

you're on a team like i said

that is progressing has goals and is

doing what you're supposed to do

so the two girls that i have recruited

under me right now they're both amazing

they both um were nervous about joining


under other people that they knew in

person um

because they didn't know how much they

were really doing

they didn't see those people really

performing um

on facebook or doing many parties

and so then they looked to youtube and

found me

and were like you look super motivated


do you want to be basically like are you

gonna coach me

are you gonna help me et cetera et


and i was like that's literally why i

sit down for

hours and do all of the social media

marketing because i want to coach you

i want you to come alongside right under


i am going to help you one-on-one

was just on the phone call for an hour

setting up a launch party

because guess what you've never done

this before and you don't know what

you're doing yet

um and so it's just really really

helpful to

have one-on-one coaching you can text me

in time you can call me anytime we can


i can log into your account if you need

that series of help like

i want to do whatever it takes to make

you successful

because you being successful makes me

successful and makes our whole team

more successful and we're all going to

the top together

so that's really the goal and if that

sounds like a team that you want to be a

part of

please you know use the link below reach

out to me on facebook add me as a friend

message me on my business page or on my

personal page

um commenting on youtube

is great but i have a hard time getting

back in touch with people because

youtube doesn't give you

great notifications so if you want to

get in touch with me

please please please get in touch with

me on facebook that's the best way

that's the best way for me to tell you

without literally putting my phone

number in the description

which i don't really want to do um i

will if you comment and you want my

phone number i guess i'll comment back

and give it to you

but um please get in touch with me on

facebook and if you don't have facebook

um leave your email in a comment and i

will email you

that's kind of my biggest discrepancy

with youtube is people comment and

they're like hey i want to join

hey i want to do a party whatever and

it's like you have to fill in that gap

because it's really hard for me to get

back in touch with you on a facebook


the fun side and the serious side so

pampered chef is super super fun

um it's very social interactive gets

people together

gets people in the kitchen together

making food is making memories we all

know that i mean growing up

how many of your memories are around

christmas when you're baking cookies

or around another meal a special


just learning how to make biscuits with

your grandma whatever it may be

you get to be a part of those memories

in other people's homes with their

children with their grandchildren etc

other side of that is that it's really

serious the business side of it

can be serious if you want it to be you

can make serious money

um you make 20 on any of your sales

and the 20 is the base of what you're

gonna make

typically you're going to make 22 to 23

of your sales on commission um so it's

like having a

it's a real sales job that's what real

sales people make in corporate america

is 20

it's a great business model and like i

said i know you know

i've talked in the past about people

being afraid of like

mlms and whatever and

i get that because that's my generation

is um

has always had that kind of discrepancy

with those kind of companies and i

really do i get it i understand it

but this isn't one of those companies to

be afraid of um

nobody's praying off of you i don't make

any money off of you if you join under

me you know until you get way further

into the business

and start growing but really

what your goal is is selling and


um and recruiting just builds up your

team's sales

so it really is all about selling which

that's how companies make money is by


um companies that scare me with their

mlm tactics are companies that

by recruiting you're gonna make money so

like let's say

i recruit someone and i'm gonna make 200

just for recruiting them but that person

didn't have to sell anything

that to me is like a pyramid scheme and

scares me because

how can the company give me money off of

just recruiting a person

but that person hasn't sold any product

because we're making money

off of products so with pampered chef

i don't make any money off of my

recruits until my recruits

get to a certain point of selling and

sell a certain amount

then i'm gonna make a little bit of

commission on top of their commission

for them being

under me which is pretty normal it

doesn't like

freak me out like if i was like i don't

know i guess if you're watching this

video you're probably not scared of it

because you're interested in being a


but those are just kind of some of the

thoughts that went through my head when

joining and trust me i was looking for

any possible red flag i could fly

find i have a business degree i have a

degree in marketing

i'm not an idiot like i'm not gonna sign

up for something where i'm gonna

lose money or have to pay a bunch of

money to make money that doesn't

like i want to actually make money and

bring home a paycheck

and that is what happens with pampered

chef okay the next thing i want to talk

about is just the marketing aspect

um you know it's all about the marketing

if you can market the product you can

sell the product

which is super easy through social media

and that's why i'm on

youtube doing this because i want to

create that value with my customers and

with my potential

consultants um where you can see me in

real life

i'm really talking to you and that's

kind of the value everything is in video

these days so i do i go live on my

facebook all the time i go live in the

facebook groups

so if you even if you're not good at

that it's really easy to get good at it

especially with facebook you already

have facebook friends those are going to

be your first customers

um and the ones who are going to support

you as people that you already know

in the beginning so it's super easy

anyone can do it like if i can take the

leap and do this you can do it

so the last thing that i'm going to talk

about today is our fast track

perks which i'm just going to talk about

the selling

um because that's going to be the first

thing that you're going to do as a

consultant is sell you're probably not

going to be super focused on recruiting

in the very beginning

um so i'll put up the graphic here of

the fast track rewards

but this is super exciting because in

your first 90 days you're eligible for

extra benefits

from selling which selling is the whole

reason you joined

so you're going to be selling anyways

and then you just are going to get

extra benefits by doing this in your

first 90 days because

consultants who are successful in their

first 90 days

prove to be more successful over time

this is going to help you build your kit

and your business and there's four

levels to this which is super exciting

um and i'll put up the graphics so you

can see everything here

but when you submit your first 500

which it's not hard 500 sounds like a

lot but i promise you

it's not that overwhelming when you sell

your first 500

you're gonna get the ceramic egg cooker

and a mini skinny scraper for free

in your first 30 days my goal for my

first 30 days was to sell 500

and i sold 500 in six days so

if i can do it you can do it remember

that i keep saying it

the next thing is gonna be when you

submit twelve hundred and

fifty dollars in sales you're gonna earn

the eight inch

non-stick frying pan um and that is in

within 90 days

the next level is going to be submitting


in sales you're going to earn the 10

inch stainless steel non-stick skillet

and when you submit 5 000 in sales

you're going to earn the full knife set

and both of those are within the first

90 days as well

so i'm currently working on my knife set

i'm almost there and i have like

a little under a month left to earn that

so i'm really excited i know i'm gonna

hit it that was my

original goal when i started pampered

chef was that i want that knife set for


it's like almost i think it's a 500


and i want those knives because i love

my paper chef knives

so and then on top of that you're making

whatever the consultant offer is for the

month you're gonna

earn that plus your commission

so everything stacks on top of each

other to get you the most

money the most free products and the

most discounted products

and that's what it's all about so if

you're interested in hosting a party

with me

i have availability left still for the

last week of august

and then i also have availability each

week in september so please reach out to

me if you want to host a party

um other than that if you want to join

and become a consultant with me on my

team i would love to have you

please reach out through facebook please

and if you reach out on youtube like i

said i will try to get back in touch

with you

but usually i get back in touch with you

and then i don't hear back on my side

so just please be aware if you leave a

comment on youtube come check back on

the video

um because you'll see where i responded

to you so please use the links below

message me on facebook contact me on my


there's a contact me button um whatever

you can do but i would love to get in

touch if you need any help

any coaching help with sales anything

like that please reach out and i would


to help you and share the business with

you so

i hope y'all have a great rest of your

week and i will see you soon

thanks bye