How to Unlock PS4 Games & DLC

what is going on guys well today I

wanted to do a quick little video

tutorial on how to unlock your

PlayStation 4 games and DLC now I've

gotten a couple of requests from a

couple of different subscribers asking

me to do this video tutorial and

whenever I get requests like this I

always want to honor them so if you guys

have any questions about anything let me

know in the comment section below I'll

be sure to answer those and if it is a

tutorial type of thing then I'll

definitely make a video about it so

let's get right into it

we're on the swapper right now if you

can see at the bottom where it's a start

you'll see a little lock and that is

actually on all of the downloaded

content on this ps4 because I'm actually

logged on as Teddy flop and as you guys

can see all of the downloaded content

are locked so let's try to launch star

wall and it says cannot use content this

content can be used by only the

following users so what you're going to

need to do is log out of Teddy flop or

whatever account you're on at the moment

and actually log into the account that

you purchased your ps4 downloaded games

on so I'm going to log in as monkey flop

and then I'm going to go to settings and

the first step mostly you guys will

already have this down but it's very

important to make sure and that just go

to settings go to PSN and then go to

activate as your primary ps4 this should

do the trick

but if for whatever reason it is not

working your games are still locked go

down to restore licenses and this is

actually good sometimes the PlayStation

4 and the PlayStation Network glitches

sometimes and that's why they have this

feature in the PSN settings so just hit

restore license settings and then it's

going to restore all of your digital

content so right now it's actually

restoring 78

miles or should i say digital content on

my playstation 4 so as long as you're

the account that you purchased the game

oh there's an error code let's go ahead

and do that again so as long as you log

in and you activate the account that you

have all of your purchases on as your

main account on your ps4 you should be

good to go if you're still having issues

hit that restore license button and you

should be good to go so we're actually

going to log out of Monkey flop and then

we're going to log back into Teddy flop

because that's the one that we were on

that all the games were locked so as you

can see here right next to start there

is no lock button on any of the

downloaded content and you can play any

of the games that are on your ps4 as

long as the primary account is activated

so just to show you guys really quickly

we're gonna start up star wall this is

actually one of my favorite games if

you're having a party or having friends

over I wanted to do a review on it but I

guess I'll just go ahead and do it right

here right now um it is a fantastic game

I would recommend a getting four people

together even before you learn the

controls and things like that because

that just makes it even much more fun

this game is definitely a lot of fun as

you guys can see I'm on Teddy flop and I

can play star wall

even though monkey flop is the one that

purchased it so this game is fantastic

if you have a couple of people over

especially for people it's a lot of fun

the challenges are fun too don't get me

wrong on the challenges the challenges

are really fun too and for those of you

like trophy hunters and I that really

like to go into details on how to

do things and be very vigilant then it's

really good as well it is really hard to

control um that's why I'm saying

definitely wait and play with other

friends at your house so let me know if

that helped you guys out at all in the

comment section below are you were you

able to unlock your games in DLC let me

know in the comment section below also

if you have any other tutorials that you

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enough of me