4 Ways to UNLOCK your LOCKED PS4 GAMES & APPS (PS4 Tutorial)

are your video games and applications on

your Playstation 4 it locked like this

well I'm gonna show you four different

ways of how to fix your locked

PlayStation 4 games coming up next on

your 6 studios now the first method is a

very simple method this is to simply

hold down the power button and go to

power and restart your PlayStation 4 and

then when you login make sure you're

logged into the correct account like

Timbo slice here this is my main account

with PlayStation Plus enabled so I'm

going to log into my account that is

activated as primary timbo slice and it

has PlayStation Plus and the second

thing we want to do right away is go up

to the top bar and scroll on over to

settings and go down to network and

under here we can go ahead and view the

status of PlayStation Network and

services and sometimes when the network

is down you won't be able to log into

your digitally Purchase games and you

will get that lock symbol by your

applications or games and this will

happen to everyone no matter what so

make sure all services are running and

this may be what is causing your issues

with the lock games and unfortunately

when the services are down you just have

to wait until they are back up there's

nothing you can do unless you activate

your PlayStation 4 as primary so let's

go ahead and go back go back and scroll

up to account management right here and

this is the third helpful tip by going

down to activate as your primary

PlayStation 4 right here let's go ahead

and select that and go to activate your

PlayStation 4 as primary and this will

share PlayStation Plus across all the

different accounts on your PlayStation

and so all the other accounts on your

PlayStation will get PlayStation Plus

and get access to your games and if you

already have your PlayStation 4 activate

as your primary go ahead and go to

deactivate and reactivate your

PlayStation 4 as primary and this will

fix most of the lot game issues now if

this doesn't help you go ahead and go to

step number 4 and this will be to

restore your PlayStation 4

licences by going to restore licenses

right here selecting this if you become

unable to use content you download it

from the PlayStation Store there might

be an issue with the licenses for the

content tried resorting the licenses so

let's go ahead and hit the restore

button right now and this will restore

all the licenses from the PlayStation

Store that we have bought over time and

this is most often the case for me

whenever I get locked games there's a

licensing issue and I just have to go to

this setting right here and just do this

and it will fix my lock games however

from my comment sections before on my

previous video it seems like

deactivating as primary and then

reactivating as primary is the number

one thing that helps people out okay so

my licenses are restored let's go back

to the desktop and as you can see my

video games are unlocked there's no lock

symbol by my video games our

applications right now so go ahead and

try those four different methods restart

your console right away

check the network status activate your

PlayStation 4 as primary or deactivate

if you already have it and then

reactivate as primary and then restore

your licenses on your PlayStation 4 if

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