How to upload your project files on Github

hi guys this is career today I show you

how to upload your files in github so

first of all you need the application in

your system so go to get application so

it is the open source distributed

version control system this is the very

useful for upload your files and github

so download is get so here download

option is there download button is there

so click on that button so download it

here so I don't want to download already

download so go to that place okay this

is a good application install your

system this is okay this is the already

installed my system so this way okay the

next next ok this is last one is a click

last option is a plate this is a very

important so next next next next

so no install I don't need installed so

why I already installed in my system so

cancel so go to the Teva files so this

is my files uploading data okay so here

click on write so git bash here so this

is a git command to click on this

comment on ok this is the commander this

is the directory so go to the git

project get a project okay so here sign

in here click on the sign in so

so I can get about okay

go to your profile so you need first

repository okay so click on the positive

tab so click on new repository give you

right here k+ name

so I write text dem repository name okay

right share the description tested this

clip okay blue because click ok so

create repository button is there so

click on the button okay this is yeah

this is the syntax for uploading files

so okay so open this command tool so

right here get space initiate okay this

is a certified

git add read so read meet dot MD this is

nothing but finally this is your file

so right here files various my files ok

one just demo mind J's two faces they're

so totally three files upload of

uploading it up so all right here I had

sorry it had space J's

you got a Jason okay this is right and

get odd j / jQuery but when the Sun and

has to have one more HTML file added it

had is one - changes HTM this is also

right so go to the syntax page okay this

is copy and paste here shift insert this

a shortcut key dinelli paste right um

drag files nothing ready to commit but

Integra files present your match - Masha

okay so right this is the remove command

it here okay we're not working already


all right this last index transept okay

yeah this is fine so go to this

repository click on the test demo ok ok

here uploaded your files J's dot

adjacent you carry ok this is two files

and this is es demo dot HTML okay it's


here go down ok ok guys thank you thank

you for watching my video