How To Upload Files To Github through Git Bash Terminal. Basic Repository Creation, and Adding Files

all right I'm going to show you how to

be super legit with get go ahead and go

to new repository and I'm shocked and

that's the first step so go ahead Nana

whatever you want I guess I'm going to

test just for testing purposes make sure

you don't have initialize this

repository with a readme checked if it's

checked then check it if it's unchecked

check it then uncheck it but buzz so go

ahead and copy this URL it's done with

the site then I'll go ahead and open

your git bash terminal if you don't have

git bash install it if it ever just unix

before you only need to know like two

commands Viva no CD and LS this will get

commands that's like four so CD that

takes you to a certain file LS shows you

all files that are in that directory so

right over the root directory so bring

up shows all files on my PC like desktop

downloads so go ahead and see these

whatever folder file you want I'm going

to go ahead and go to Google Drive as

you see I'm using quotation marks

because I have a space in the final man

which is kind of a no-no but you know

I'm a council what are you going to do

CD projects so as you can see are no

spaces needed so I can just go to

projects let's say C bean

all right I guess I'm going to open

directories all right so go wherever you

want to go go open directories eating

example let's say okay so this crime

section and say if you're in a directory

you want to go backwards you just do CD

and then - or - I don't think you back

so now I got my directory that I want

all these folders on upload them so what

you're going to do is pretty much do the

baby basics which is pretty much just

get your directory ready to be uploaded

so you want to do is get in it and that

putting is just

preps your directory to be uploaded so

get in it now we want to do is to get

remote and origin this pretty much as

the origin as

as whatever your repository name is test

in this case git remote add origin so

now origin is that URL so what you want

to do now is if you want to check I

think if you get negative V it'll say if

it works only get remote negative thing

all right it looks like it works such

words push words okay cool so now what

you want to do is just do get add dot

that what this does is basically takes

all the files in your directory and it

adds the premise to queue to be you know

pushed to your repository so get add dot

put all those files don't worry about

warning just ignore unless so once it

looks scared ignore it so get that done

now what you want to do is get some it's

negative m and I guess I'll name this

first commit that'll be the name of it

little bit of description on how to do

that and book whatever there you go well

is it everything i'll doing right now

it's pretty much mandatory like you have

to commit you have to always look at

things or for the work so git commit

negative them and now we are ready to

get push origin master so pretty much

push the master directory to origin and

the magic look at that so you got a new

branch all your files have been pushed

and now if you go back to that page we

were on and you refresh it boom

magic look at that first commit as you

can see you have your example folder you

have any other folders you see several

folders pretty cool I'm pretty sure this

is the only way you can put folders like

it if you go to like upload something to

get I'm pretty sure they drain your

energy and your going to files I don't

think they let you do folders so let the

plus of using the get terminal this is

pretty much the basics of it is pretty

much all you really need obviously later

on if you doing it with like a group of

people you might need to know a little

bit more but that's pretty much the

basics of it a couple of steps let me

put a link in the description that

pretty much

outlines what I just did so through some

reason you have an attention span bigger

than mine and don't want to watch the

video I get to checked out but then I

get it sent with a video so you've

already seen the video so why would you

go with it you know I mean you get my

point but let's put my pretty legit

that's how you pretty much just upload

files to your gift