How to Upload Videos to YouTube from iPhone & Android

in this video i'll show you how to

upload videos to youtube

from your iphone and android phones or


including your custom thumbnails and how

to optimize them

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box below so let's jump into it these

days it's easy to create and post your


videos all from your smartphone the

process is actually very similar on both

ios and

android but there are a few little

hidden settings that you definitely want

to pay attention to

to maximize your video quality and set

your videos up right

to maximize your views there are a

couple of really small differences

between ios

and android so we'll cover these off as

we go through so there's two apps you're

going to need the first one is the

youtube app which is what you're going

to use to actually do the uploading

and then you want the youtube studio app

which is where you can customize it up

and add your custom thumbnails and

all that fun stuff so you want to go

ahead and open up the youtube app

first and the first thing i'm going to

do is to check your settings to make

sure that you're going to be uploading

at the highest

quality possible so you want to come up

to the little profile picture review in

the top right hand corner

come down to settings and these are all

your youtube settings you want to scroll

all the way down to where it says

uploads now i strongly recommend that

you are uploading your videos on wi-fi

so they're not burning through all your


data but you want to set here upload

quality you can see here it's set to


if we select on that we actually get the

option to choose full quality

which is what i would recommend this

will mean that we're uploading the best

quality video through to youtube

so once you've got that selected go back

and then you can close out of settings

again and again this setting is only on

the iphone or the ios side of things

android doesn't have this setting

anymore it's already set as default

to upload at maximum quality okay so now

you want to go up to the top and you

want to press on the little camera icon

and you want to go down to upload a

video now if you haven't uploaded from

your device before you will need to

allow access

and grant permissions through so we can

go okay on these

now you want to select your video to

upload so i'm going to go ahead and pick

this one here six minutes 54

which is one of our youtube videos that

we've already edited down now if you

want to learn how to edit from your

smartphone or even which of the best

video editing apps on ios and android

right now

then check out the links down in the

description box below we've got some

resources there to help you

now this next screen here that we're

presented with is only

on ios we don't get this on android but

it's really not that important we're

going to skip it anyway but what it is

is it'll let you trim down your video

here so if you want to adjust the start


or the end time you can do that here and

you can also apply

filters to change up the look and feel

of your video here but if you've already

edited your video down

you've already gone through this entire

process so we can ignore this and all we

need to do is hit next in the top corner

to where we're going to enter all of our

details for our video

so we're going to go ahead and enter in

our video title so we can just tap on

where it says create a

title and we can type that in or if

you've already pre-planned your video

and you've already got your title and

your description and everything planned

out into a document ahead of time

then you can just copy and paste that

information in when you're in the app

this is going to save you a lot of time

when you're actually entering all of

this stuff

because you've already got it

pre-planned out and ready to go so i'm

going to go ahead and open up a google


which is where we've got all of our

information here ready to go into this


so i'm going to select our video title


and hit copy come back across to our


and paste that in exactly the same with

our description

i'm going to go back across and copy in

our video description

including all of our links and


and i'm going to hit copy come back over


youtube app where it says add a

description i'm going to select on that

and paste all of that text

in there and back out of that one now

next we're going to change our video

upload status from public

to private so that our video isn't

instantly going to be released publicly

we're going to lock it down as public so

that we can go across into the youtube

studio app

and add our custom thumbnail and any

other settings or adjustments we want to

make to our video before it goes

live next you can add a location in here

as well

where the video was shot where you're

uploading from this isn't really a


but to add it in just press the plus

button there you will need to grant

access if you haven't

before and hit the plus again and let's


which is where i am and you also have

the ability to add your video directly

into a playlist if you've already got

playlists created where this video is

going to be a

fit once you're done with those settings

you want to hit next

and this is where you need to answer

these two questions around if your video

is made for

kids or not so we're going to select

here no this video is

not made for kids obviously if your

content is made for kids then you'll

need to select

yes so we're gonna go with no and the

second one here do you want to restrict

your video to an adult audience it says

this one is optional

i'm going to leave this as no don't

restrict my videos to viewers over 18.

obviously select which is the fit for

your content

then you just hit upload and your video

will start uploading i would recommend

that you're leaving your phone on and

your app

open while this upload is happening just

so that there's no potential issues with

the video that

you are uploading now you can see in our

case here it went straight from

uploading to processing and that's

because it was actually uploading in the


because we're on wi-fi and we're also on

very fast wi-fi so it didn't take too

long to upload

so once the uploading is completed you

will then go through and process your


and then you're able to see it in the

youtube studio app so i'm going to go

ahead and open up the youtube

studio app and this is a test account

that i have there is our video listed

there as our most recent uploaded video

if you're not seeing your video there on

the home page you can come up to

the little menu button in the top left

hand corner come down to

videos and it will be shown in there so

we've got best free video editing

software we're going to press on that


now to add in our custom thumbnail you

want to come up to the little edit


in the top right hand corner there press

on that then you want to hit that little

edit button in the top

left hand corner of our image there on

the screen

to edit our thumbnail where they want to

come down to custom thumbnail

and go ahead and select your thumbnail

image so we've got our one here

we're going to select that that's now

added to our video now if you'd like to

learn how to create

amazing looking thumbnail images from

your iphone or android device

then check out again the links in the

description we've got a couple of videos

there to help you out

now you want to go down to the bottom

here and select add tags to add in all

of your video tags here

so these could be things that are

related to your video so our video topic

here best free video editing software we

would have things like editing

software and after each one you just

press return and that will create it as

a tag now we've already gone ahead and

created some tags again that we can copy

and paste in

so i'll go back across to our google

document here

grab our youtube tags and copy and paste


in copy

and paste and we've now got all of our

tags entered in there from there you

want to come across to the advanced

settings at the top there and you can

specify a category for your videos now

we have found that the category doesn't

make a huge difference overall

but pick the one that is going to be the

best fit for your content

i mean for our content we would fit

under people and blogs we would also fit

under how to

and style and we'd also fit under film

and animation as well

so we're going to leave this one as film

and animation for us

again just pick the one that's closest

for your content you can then specify

the licensing or the ownership rights of

your content there

with this next drop down so you get to

choose youtube standard license

or creative commons the creative commons

pretty much means that other people can

use your stuff

as it says there with attribution so

them giving you credit for your content

we're going to leave this as standard

youtube and we're also going to leave

all of the rest of the things enabled

there to allow comments

that users can view ratings for this

video and also to

allow this video to be embedded on

places like our website as well

once you're happy with all of those you

just need to hit the little save button

in the top right hand corner

and your video settings are now saved so

now at this point your video is all set

up and ready to be released

so if you want to release this now then

we just go back into the edit button

and come down to where we set it to

private and we just hit public

and hit save and our video will now be

released immediately

now if you want to schedule this to be

released at a later date or a specific

date or time

then we can come down here and choose

scheduled and we can select

the date and time where we'd like our

video to go live all you need to do then

is hit save

and your video will be released at that


time so that's how easy it is to upload

your videos to youtube from your iphone

and android device

if you'd also like to learn how to

create amazing looking thumbnail images

for your youtube videos from your iphone

or android device

then check out the videos linked on

screen i'll see you

in the next one cheers