How to Upload Videos on YouTube

hi everyone my name is Kevin today I

want to show you how you can upload a

video to YouTube using both your PC or

your mobile phone either option you know

surprisingly on my channel I get a lot

of questions from people asking me how

they upload a video it's pretty simple

I'll show you how to do it let's take a

look at my computer here we're gonna do

it on the computer first the first thing

I'm gonna do is I'm going to open up

YouTube I've already typed in the URL

we're ready to go it's really really

simple up here in the top right hand

corner on YouTube you'll see a plus

button and then you can upload a video

you could go live or you could create a

post today we want to upload a video so

I'm going to click on upload a video

this is gonna bring me to a separate

page where it says select files to

upload or drag and drop so what I could

do is I could drag and drop a video file

there if I want to so let's say I want

to drop this video file in here I could

do that but what I'm gonna do is I'm

just gonna click on that and that's

gonna open up the file dialog or the

file picker and then you know here I was

on a trip recently in a Wahoo I have a

bunch of video files and I'm gonna take

this video file of me swimming to the

base of a waterfall so I'm gonna go

ahead and click on that now what you'll

see is that's uploading the video it's

uploading pretty fast so as a smaller

video file and you know here I could

type in me swimming to a waterfall I

type in a title here description maybe

I'll make the I'll make a title Kevin

under waterfall and then descriptions a

little more detailed me swimming to a

waterfall and then I could enter

different keywords swimming water and

then so once this video uploads it looks

like it's ready uploaded now it's

processing I'll be able to choose a

thumbnail for it alternatively I could

also create a custom thumbnail if that's

what I want to do here I could choose to

I wanna make the video public do I want

to have it unlisted so it's not publicly

you can't find it just through the

YouTube search engine I could also make

it private where you have to log in to

be able to access it or I could schedule

to post so I'm gonna put this as

unlisted because I haven't edited it

it's not something I want to put up on

my channel so I'm just gonna put it as

unlisted I could also choose a playlist

that I want to put this on but so since

I'm not gonna put it on my plate

it's just a basic video and then that's

it you know here I could choose my

different thumbnails here's a picture of

a really handsome guy swimming under a

waterfall so yeah pretty easy to do

now I'm gonna pull up my phone Here I am

in the YouTube app and just like on the

desktop there's a plus button in the top

right hand corner I'm gonna click on

that plus button I have a few different

options I could go live post or video I

want to upload a video so I'm going to

click on video and I have this existing

video of my son going down the slide one

of the differences is I can't choose

from all my videos I just have my most

recent nine or I could live record a

video this one looks good it's a video

of my son going down the slide I'm gonna

click on next I think the video is great

and then similarly similarly here I can

enter a title in so I could call it

let's say slide going down slide and

then I could choose the privacy level

I'm gonna make this unless it as well

and then I can also put down a location

but all that looks good and now I click

on upload and now this also uploads the

video so whether I want to put a upload

a video on my desktop whether I want to

upload a video on my phone it's very

easy to do however I decide I want to

upload a video and that's really all

there is to it it's super simple to

upload a video to YouTube probably the

harder part is editing the video and

coming up with good content to upload to

YouTube if I can just upload videos all

day I would I just have to edit them you

have to come up with good content that's

the hard part

but hopefully for everyone who's asked

the question how you upload a video to

YouTube and that's how you do it it's

pretty simple to upload a video if you

have any questions about how to do it

feel free to post a comment in the

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