How To Send Large Video Files On Messenger (More Than 25MB) | Send Big Video On Messenger

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in this video i'm showing you how to

send large videos or files on facebook

messenger which are more than 25

megabytes if you're new to the channel

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subscribing to the channel and once

you've done that please go down below

thanks for leaving a like as well as it

helps get this video to more people and

please do watch this video right until

the end soon the four steps in this

guide any further ado let's go and jump

into this so as you can see i'm now on

facebook messenger on desktop but this

guide is also going to work if you're on

mobile as well it's exactly the same so

let's go and jump straight into this so

as you can see i've actually got a file

just over here it's called facebook

email it's just a video i actually have

to for a youtube video and it's about 81

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