VBA to upload file to Internet or SharePoint. SharePoint Automation using VBA - 8

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hello and welcome back everyone to

deviate to the in this short video I'll

be showing you how to upload the file to

SharePoint library using VBA and the

second part I'll show you how to add new

data to a list and reference you to the

file that you've noted as a hyperlink

before we proceed thanks to Fernando for

posting this question to you know so

that we can share it with our other

viewers so I hope you know you find this

useful I'm trying to make it as simple

as possible so that you can follow along

ok I'm going to close this for now now

before we begin like to save us some

time I've created a SharePoint list

called SP TV ok and this list has two

fields basically title which comes by

default as a single line of Tanks and

the file link which is a hyperlink or a

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