How to Upload More Than 80 Photos on Facebook (2023)

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hey guys welcome to Tony's how to's in

this video I will show you how to upload

more than 80 photos on Facebook but

before we start hurry up and check out

our latest offer just under this video

so let's get started so if you want to

know if it's actually possible for you

to upload 80 photos on Facebook at a

time well it is possible but we have to

do this in the other way that we need to

do this so directly uploading 80 videos

on a pose is not possible so currently

that feature is actually attached to

current heating albums so for you to

upload more than 80 photos you have to

create an album for this what so I'll be

showing you how to create an album so

first thing you want to do is you want

to go ahead and go to your account so

here go to facebook.com and log in into

your account now once you've done that

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