Why Does My Cocktail Shaker Get Stuck? Problem Solved!

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Why Does My Cocktail Shaker Get Stuck?

Problem Solved!

Did your cocktail shaker get stuck in the middle of a good mix?

It gets frustrating when it causes a delay in serving time.

But don’t worry!

It happens all the time, and you could fix it quickly with these simple tips.

In this video, we will explain how to unstuck your cocktail shaker.

But before we do that, let’s discuss why your cocktail shaker gets stuck in the first


There are multiple reasons behind this.

For one, your cocktail must have contained a sticky ingredient that got inside the strainer

or cap.

This makes it difficult for the shaker to open up.

A mismatch or forced assembly of the body to the strainer or cap may also be why separating

them has become a challenge.

The material of the cocktail shaker is also a factor in it being stuck.

Shakers that are made of metals or stainless steel are easily affected by temperature.

Since stainless steels are good conductors and most drinks are usually mixed with ice,

frosting outside the tin occurs.

The shaker gets stuck when metal contracts decrease in temperature.

When this happens, immediate action is required before separating them gets tougher.

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