Unlock iPhone Features with Secret Codes

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portion of this video so this is your


well not exactly yours but you know what

i mean one

like this and you use it every day you

think you know it

inside and out except

much like my favorite in and out

your iphone has a secret menu that can

unlock a bunch of

hidden power features and then ios 14

can unlock even more so let me show you

some of the best iphone secrets i don't

think you guys even knew

there's actually a follow-up video we

did a few years ago showing some iphone

secret codes and that was when ios 11

was out so we wanted to revisit those

codes and also

found a whole bunch more

have you ever found yourself wishing you

just had slightly better

cell service well there's a code for


it's called the efr mode it stands for

enhanced full rate

gonna give you better voice better data

so if you want to

use efr mode you just do star 3370

pound there are a couple caveats with

this mode out of the four

phones that we had in the studio to test

running various versions of ios

we only got it to work on one of those

four phones so give it a shot try it

your mileage might vary there's no harm

in trying doesn't work

you don't lose anything another caveat


is you might have a slight hit in

battery life

and there are times when you don't want

somebody to know that it's you

calling you know if you're in their

phone you don't want your name to show


you can actually hide your caller id and

it's just on a per

call basis it's not gonna do it forever

just for the next phone call that you


and this one's pretty easy it's star 31

pound and then the number

you are dialing and when the person on

the other end sees the phone ring

it's gonna show up as unknown use that

as you will that's a that's a powerful


so your phone's secret menu to get an

animal style

doesn't always require a code there's a

lot of other secret things your phone

can do

you just know where to go inside of

settings so this is a feature that a lot

of folks with disabilities use regularly

it lets you control your phone with your

voice so under accessibility which is

just under the settings menu

click voice control and then turn it on

then click customs command

now you can assign custom gestures to

certain apps on your phone

so for example you can assign like a

double chat gesture on instagram

you could call it like love it head over

to instagram and

let's say you want to go to my instagram

every time you say love it

your phone will heart a picture and to

prove that that works

i encourage you to try this try it on

your phone

go to instagram john rettinger and just

say love it like over and

and over again so what if you want to

like use your voice do some more stuff

like say take a picture on your phone uh

you can do that pretty easily this is

really just like an extended use of the

voice controls

so using the same method we did as the

love beloved voice hack

just assign a tap gesture to the bottom

of the screen where your shutter button

would be and you can assign a word to

the picture like

say cheese abracadabra or john's my

favorite youtuber

and it'll it'll work for you


all right so you're gonna thank me for

this one

this silences spam colors which is

amazingly useful i don't know what list

i was on

but i was getting phone calls five six

times a day

a few months ago and this has been just

an absolute savior for that stuff

and it's also like the easiest one to do

go to settings

phone and then turn on silence unknown


so again the caveat here if you've got

friends that call you under unknown you

won't get those phone calls it'll go

through to voicemail

but it will for the most part kill a lot

of spam

so your phone showing bars of service or

balls of service if you're still running

older versions of ios is nice but it's

not so accurate it's a representation

vaguely of what your cell service and

your data service

could be but there are times when you

want to know

really granularly how good your network


really is so there's a mode for that

it's called field test mode

do star three zero zero one

pound or hashtag one two three four five

pound star so instead of the bars

you wanna actually see signal strength

and your cell service is actually going

to be shown it's gonna be shown in a

scale from either negative 40

to negative 140 from best to worst so

also you can get something else that's


0. it's going to show you the strength

of your main cell tower

and then another one called rsrp1 can

show you the signal strength of the


closest to you and with ios 14 right

around the corner

that version of ios enables even more

secret stuff

your phone can do so app library is a

big thing on ios 14

it's that screen at the end of your home

screen that lists

all of your apps for you and if you use

that often you might find yourself

not needing all the pages of apps you

have on your phone

apple gives you the option to actually

hide whole pages if you want

when you want to find those apps you

just search for them in app library so

if you want to do that

just long press on the screen go into

jiggly mode

tap the dots at the bottom and you can

just uncheck

any pages you want to hide and reverse

it if you want those pages to ever come


so this next one was long overdue

ios and imessage but with ios 14

you could reply to this particular

person inside of

a group thread and it's really easy to

do you just long press on their name

you get kind of an inline reply that

only that person will see

this next one i don't know why you'd

want to do it i'm just giving you the

power to do it

uh you can turn off call waiting this is

pretty simple

it's star pound four three pound

that lets you check your status and then

star for

three pound will enable or disable call


so next one i actually think is pretty

useful uh it's call forwarding if you

have a landline or you want your phone

calls to go somewhere else

if you want to always get dwight's calls

this is going to be a system that

you want to use so it's really easy to

set up you want to enable it or

disable it it's star 21 pound

and then star 21 and then pound the

mobile number you want to forward it to

so call forwarding is handy if you have

multiple phones you want them all to

ring through

on one device or maybe you don't get the

best cell service and you're at home

where you have a landline

get all your cell calls go through to

that landline

and if you're listening to these codes

thinking i could use

a new phone for myself i'll be sure to

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so there are a lot of times we have to

find out your imei if you wanted to sign

up for

apple's developer beta you had to give

them the imei

on your phone you want to list a phone

on swap or something you need access to

the imei and sometimes you don't always

have the box

you can find out your secret imei by

putting in some codes on your screen

so this is pretty easy it's star pound


six pound that's gonna give you all your

device info including your

eid both your imeis and your me id

it's like it's not like a big secret

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so you might want to like write this one

down or bookmark the video but if there

are times when your touch screen

stops working maybe you drop your phone

and the screen shatters you can't use it


you can still kind of use your phone

so you say hey s word

turn on voice control then you tell her

open safari

you say show grid you say tap two

and then for me the apple store irvine

or whatever city you wanna go to

you say tap go then you say show grid

then you say tap 27 and i'll pull up the

customer service number for your local

apple store and help you get your phone


so there might be a time when you need

this and if years from now after

uploading this video you come back

and you've used this let us know in the

comments down below

so next is assistivetouch this is

actually one that i've been using really

regularly so go to accessibility

touch turn on assistivetouch and you can

now set custom action so

like a single tap a double tap or like a

long press

if you're in if your phone so has it 3d

touch at least for me i set a

double tap for screenshot and a long

press to mute those are some things that

sort of worked out

nicely for me but you can customize it

and find the best ones

that work out well for you so this next

one i use it

for never typing my email again

but you can use this for for that or for

anything that you're sort of replying

all the time with set a bunch of them if

you want it's really helpful to have

so go to settings general then keyboard

then text replacement then hit the plus

sign on the top right

and then type in your email under phrase

and then type in something that you'd

probably never use like at

in the shortcut and now anytime you type

your email just press

at automatically type it in you can

replace your email for whatever it is

that you want to have type in

all the time like unsubscribe me from

your list so this one's not

really secret it's just one that i found

really useful since i've been on ios 14.

it's pitting conversations inside of

imessage so i message my wife all the


if i just long press on her picture in

the threads i can pin it up to the top

and you can actually pin

up to nine conversations up there it's

really helpful for folks you message all

the time

so i had a really fun time researching

this and finding codes and tricks

kind of unlocked more power inside of my


if there's one in particular you guys

are using let us know in the comments

down below or maybe there's another code

that we didn't mention also let us know

we can kind of keep the conversation


but i had fun unlocking and unleashing

power of my iphone