iPhone Locked to Owner How to Unlock WITHOUT Computer

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hey guys today i'll show you how you can

remove the iphone lock to owner message

from any device like an iphone 11

or an iphone 12 or newer an iphone 10 or

one of the old style iphone 7's

so what you need is a phone and i'm

going to show you basically how you can

utilize any android phone to do this

so head to

log2owner.com on your phone and over

here you can see the website

thank you by the way for log2owner.com

for sponsoring this video

if you see over here that says it's your

apple device logged to your previous

owner and you can unlock it if you

accidentally locked it forgot your login

and your password purchase secondhand

device or lost your receipt so you can

just select if you have an iphone and

we're gonna do just that

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