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here is that rectify some cardboard in

my channel make sure that's cut into

video so how do you plays is like 20

different games choose which one you

wanna first I don't have anybody else to

play with

so I'm so sorry with Kimball name let's

play one of my games classics you just

throw them in the cup to get points is

just and quick extra points Michael

there I aim where all my heart like it

like I don't want to aim like you know

talking about



pretty easy to get sleep or what not

good that's not okay so close baby spit

yes this one good 24 whoa

medias or just small what he was your

turn this time so I stopped

I would just it's funny threes great

sometimes higher I like to get in there

don't care what I get just trying all

your balls mom please

after postmaster yeah just on the Rings

I would just aim for the middle because

you just get like I just tired I just



that some people aren't getting short