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back with another video for you guys and

in today's video I'll be showing you how

can remove this lock icon on some of

your applications on PlayStation but

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Newseum nation and let's go and get

started into this very simple tutorial

so first of all what you're gonna need

to know is you have to understand which

account that you actually own this

application on some people actually go

ahead and game share their accounts so

what that means is they lend their

account to other people so they can go

ahead and access these games and

applications on their consoles without

actually paying for them so it's

essentially you're sharing an account to

share these games and applications so as

you can see right here it's actually

locked and whenever I tried clicking on

any of these games it's gonna give me

this error right here that it says that

can I use this content and you don't own

this content go ahead and buy it from

the PlayStation Store now sometimes that

this issue is very weird because you

might have actually purchased this game

on the account that you're playing on

and sometimes this issue actually occurs

so first to fix that issue it's very

very easy to do first of all go under

settings and click on account management

Mint and then go down to restore

licenses and click on restore right

there I'll take you around 30 seconds to

complete this very very quick method

right here you can go ahead and complete

this and hopefully your lock will

actually get removed off your

applications now this does happen very

very like randomly and doesn't happen a

lot but once it does happen it gets very

very frustrating so hopefully that will

be able to unlock the lock on your

applications now say for example right

here the lock did not work and that's

because I don't actually own this game

on a specific user that I am playing on

so first what I want you guys to do is

go onto the user that you actually

downloaded this game on so I'm gonna go

to the original user and then what you

have to do is as you can see right here

on the original user the games are

actually unlocked and I can go ahead and

play them but if you go under settings

and then click on account management

again on your account that you own the

games on and click on activate as

primary and make sure that you activate

your primary ps4 right here and then

once this is activated

there you go guys you can go ahead and

switch user go back to your second user

and as you can see right here and now

the games that were locked are now

unlocked and I'm gonna go ahead and

start up this just to show you guys that

so it's a very very easy tutorial

hopefully you guys can learn something

into this video if you guys have any

questions comments or concerns leave in

the comment section down below it's been

a bunny and I'll be catching you guys in

my next video peace out