How To Unlock Every Character In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Quickly & Easily! Insane Exploit!

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Yanis Club I'm gonna be showing you how

to unlock every character in Super Smash

Brothers ultimate easily and quickly now

what you need to do is you need to go to

smash mode now set up your rules make

sure you have one stock just so the

matches are quick with less time and

then do a match so I have Sonic and once

we've won the match you should be able

to fight a new character you don't have

unlock yet now once you beat that

character you'll obviously unlock that

character now if you do another match

once you've unlocked the character you

can actually not unlock another

character until 10 minutes it's just

some cool down thing they put so every

10 minutes you can unlock the new

character however once you've actually

unlocked that new character

close the game reopen it do another

match and a new character will appear

for you to unlock and you can keep

repeating this I'll do it again just

just so you believe me

see every time you unlock a new

character just close your game turn it

back on it avoids the ten minute thing

so if you keep doing this you unlock all

the characters quickly and easily now