How to unlock Gallery App locker | 100% working

guess what i have made the biggest

unlocking tech video tutorial on this

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if you want to like unlock any type of

local application upload application or


um video votes um five volts all this


you can actually unlock all of them with

one simple trick that nobody else have

done that

very particular video on youtube and the

most interesting part of the whole video

tutorial there is that

even though the settings is locked even

though the gmail app is locked

even though all the applications in your

phones a lot can actually break the

whole application that

the whole application and access all the

application without password yeah

go and watch if you want to like access

it you know

i've used in that video i use over 20

applications so i use 20 log application

i lock all of them at the same time and

i'll lock all of them

at the same time with a simple trick in

in one second

so you can actually go to the

description of this video to watch it

what's up guys it's khalifa welcome back

to my channel what obviously today

simply um

how to break the gallery lock apk how to

access it to that password maybe you

forgot the password maybe you want to

access a phone you know without a

password maybe you want to learn

something new

so this video is more than enough for

you so i suggest you know actually watch

this video till the very end

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and i want to tell you that like go to

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watching like many many like video

tutorials on how to break all this


i've broken those like some apricot apk

and asses entire password

like the app votes you know the popular

one i vote and the other app lock ipk

so go to the description of this video

watch all of them and gain something

from it

so this video is actually for

educational purpose and it can like

open the eyes of those developers to see

the downsides of

their application and what they can do

about it so once they follow this video

they can actually get

more information on how to like safely

secure the application

and the geeks can actually get more

information on how to access a locked


so with this let's get started so

as a matter of fact we'll be breaking

this very gallery lock apk here you know

this application is a

um security-based application to like

keep your teams private

so if you're a type of a geek that's

going to break someone's gallery lock

or you forgot to password there are so

many ways you can actually

access your information so for you to be

able to access this very gallery lock

without the password let's assume we

dial a fake password for example

so he's fake he's wrong you can see

then allowing us enter but the real

password here is

one two three four and the whole thing

is open

so as you can see this guy

is trying to break into your gallery log

security so we caught him

you can see so he has a picture of the

guy that was trying to break into their

gallery lock

so if you like the introduction of you

can actually click a like it then

they'll be giving you the selfie of the

guy so whenever they enter wrong


they'll give you a selfie of the guy who

was trying to access the lock

so let's get back as you can see this

application you can lock your images

your downloads your videos and

applications so the whole thing what is

very important here

is actually the uh application stuff so

let's try to lock some application

let's as well look something like the um

the black node as you can see it's


so the new server the calculator the

chrome browser let's just

be based on that various first stop

there yeah let's

add one maybe you add these draw


to pro as you can see we need the

password to access

those applications now like the drawer

tools over here without the password i

won't be able to access it

you can see so let's get back

to the chrome browser without the

password i won't be able to access it no


so what you have to do is to our set um

to access all this very application is

simply for you

to number one click on that very


and once you click on this you can see

you make sure to like um

click on forgot password and once you

click on this forgot password

they will actually send a call to your

email address wherever you verify

that's actually you then you retrieve

your password so they'll give you

you actually select a new password then

you come back here and enter it

so they'll open the hotel for you and

you can access it using your email so

once you click on forgot password

they'll send you

they'll send a code to that very email

that you can use to retrieve your


and that's the way it is but what if the

email is locked the gmail app you can


what if it's locked so you won't be able

to access the gmail app before you talk

of them going there

so what it wants to click on that

desktop there's there's a way to do it

since the gmail app may be locked let's

go to the settings

but if the gmail app is not locked you

can actually retrieve the password

through there

then go to settings and click on apps


or apps notification then click on apps


and you have to scroll down to that very

application called

um the um gallery log click on it

so you need to turn off some permission

so go to partition then click on camera

turn it off

turn it off everything here then go back

scroll down to display overall apps and

make sure to turn this stuff up

then you have to go back and i bet you

any application i enter here will


go without password so draw curtains too

yeah as you can see you got it without


so let's go back to the chrome browser

also the one with that that we cannot

access your automatic password

and the crew browser is actually going

no password

you can see so let's go to somewhere

like other things with local time or

something like um

the calculator so you can literally

actually go into a puzzle

so guys that's the way to do it so if

you actually have this application or

maybe you forgot to password or you want

to break break your

this very application yeah this is a

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