How to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch - Bypass Screen Lock / Reset by Recovery Mode

I have Samsung Galaxy what we've

activated pattern protection let me show

you how to accomplish here the hard

boost operation that device and let me

show you how to bypass and remove

pattern password or other screen lock

method on the following SmartWater so at

the very beginning let's start by

pressing the power key for a couple of

seconds let's stop here power off and

wait until your device will be

completely switched off then you should

hold down the power key and you should

hold down power key until the rebooting

screen pops up and while the rebooting

screen pops up you should release the

power and start pressing power really

quickly so let me show you let's start

holding power key let's wait for the

rebooting screen all right now release

power and start pressing power really

quickly this is the reboot mode so here

you can choose one of the following

options you can navigate here by

pressing power also very quickly and you

can choose options by holding power for

two seconds about so let's here scroll

down to choose recovery and let's hold

down power for two seconds and the

device right now is performing the hard

reset the SmartWatch is erasing all data

and the words also entering from the

smartphone so let's wait until the

operation will be completed no drop by

the process is running

all right the welcome panel pops up so

it means that you just successfully

restored default settings from the

following SmartWatch and as you can see

there is no pattern or a password so you

can start is the activate this device so

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