Forgot Password Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Hard Reset How To

all right so you forgotten your password

to your Galaxy Tab 4 and or you want to

just erase everything from the from the

tablet itself because for any reason

like if you're going to sell your tablet

to someone and you just want to get rid

of everything in one shot all the

information and all your pictures and

blah blah blah I'm going to show you how

to hard reset your phone or me excuse me

your tablet the first thing you need to

do is backup your files if because this

hard reset will erase everything

including pictures contacts video apps

everything is getting deleted so back up

your files that you want to keep

anything once you've done that we're

going to be powering off the tablet to

do that you hold the power button and

press power off ok and you'll be ready

to go once your phone is once your

tablet is powered off we're going to be

pressing and holding the power key the

HOME key and the up key at the same time

alright so again that's the power key

just this one right here

excuse me this one right here the up key

the up volume key which is right there

and the home key which is right here so

when are we pressing and holding all

three buttons and you're going to

release all of the keys when the Android

image appears okay so we're going to

hold these two and the home

and you let go once you're in this menu

we're going to be using the power keys

to go up and down so we're going to go

down and select wipe data/factory reset'

wipe data/factory so you'll be pressing

the power button to confirm they're

going to give you a warning like it's

telling you it's going to erase

everything so if once you're willing to

lose everything you go down to - yes

delete all user data confirm by pressing

the power key and your phone will go

through a wiping process just give it a

few minutes might take some time

depending on how much stuff you have in

there and that's it basically you're

done once you're done it will give you

the menu again and we're going to select

reboot system now which is already

selected when I press the power button

and it should reset itself back to its

original state when you first bought it

that fast that simple how to hard reset

your galaxy tab for peace