Free Unlock your Samsung Tab 3 7.0 8.0 Factory Reset/Restore Setting Must See (Easy)

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here's a tutorial on how to restore a

factory setting if you don't know your

PIN number or somehow forgot it and you

could do this by restoring your Samsung

Tab 3 this is a 7.0 - actually setting

first of all you need to power off your

phone by pressing the power button and

then turn out your phone

I mean turn out your note I mean tap 3

it's ok

now you're gonna press the home button

and volume up and the power at the same

time and then once the you see something

you see the Samsung logo on the screen

let go all the buttons


all your informations on your tab 3 so

make sure what if you go if you don't

know your PIN number or your swipe and

there's no choice and you have to do the

master reset you could press that bar

the volume button down to wipe

data/factory reset' make sure you see it

ok once you select that you press the

power button to select that mode to wipe

out everything and then go down to the

menu and click on yes didi all user data


there you go it's a brand-new system

like when you were bought as a new so