Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Hard Reset/Remove Password

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hi everyone this is a video on how to

remove the password from a sentencing

Galaxy Tab 2 and 7.0 this one is right

so I'll password on here that's been

forgotten I'm just going to show you how

to bypass that this is also a hard reset

of the device so you will lose

everything on it so please be aware of

that what's the first thing we need to

do is turn it off set a pair off throw

that power down and what we need to do

is hold down two buttons and they are

the power button which is there and the

volume up button which is basically one

next to it so power and volume up you'd

hold both down together until you see

Samsung Galaxy tail appear on the screen

and then you let go of the power button

but keep holding the volume up so we're

going to do that now so just hold down

the volume up first in the power so

select all the power keep holding the

volume up until you see anywhere and

look man appear there we go

it should takes into a menu which we

have done and so you know we have all

these options here the one we want to

select is the full find down which is

why potato stroke factory reset use the

volume down to navigate to that