Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 Plus - How To Bypass Android Lock Screen / Pin / Pattern / Password

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what's up you guys that have flipped

Ronix I'm going to be showing you how to

bypass the Galaxy S 9 lock screen

alright so this is gonna work if there's

a pin code pattern passcode whatever it

is I'm gonna get you into the phone and

this is pretty slick ok anyways I'd say

about a year ago Samsung made it more

difficult for people to break into

phones fortunately I found the way

around this and I'm gonna show you right


ok anyways let's say you're trying to

get into any Galaxy S 9 and this is

normally what's going to happen you can

hold the power button right here and you

can opt to turn the phone off which I'm

going to show you but you can't even do

that so watch I'm gonna click it twice

in order to power off any s 9 or s 9

plus they're gonna make you enter in

whatever the you know the the code is

whether it be a pin pattern or password

now the way around this and this is

where it gets a little bit tricky so

follow along with me here in order to

get your phone restarted and get up that

Android you know logo screen we want to

click the restart button so there is no

there's no like extra step when you