Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus - How To Bypass Android Lock Screen / Pin / Pattern / Password

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what's up you guys did he flip tronic so

I'm gonna be showing us how to bypass

the lock screen if you don't know your

pin/password passcode whatever for the

s8 and the Galaxy S 8 plus so before you

get in this you guys I'd appreciate if

you that like and share button below and

you guys have not subscribed this would

also appreciate if you hit that

subscribe button okay so I got to give

it up to Samsung they did make it a

little bit trickier in order to bypass

the lock screen on these new phones I'm

gonna be showing you guys the hard reset

method but it does work you guys and it

will get you back into you know NES

eight or s8 plus okay so anyways um I'll

show you why it's tricky so you can't

normally have to power off your phone

but watch what happens when you click

power off so if you guys have any kind

of password protect protection on this

phone you'd have to enter it again in

order to turn off the phone so the only

other way around this you guys is to hit

the restart button so when you guys tap

restart it does work so now what you

need to do when you restart it is

continue holding the power button the

volume up button and the lock screen