FORGOT PASSWORD - How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

hey guys this is Sean from janitor comm

and in this video I'm going to show you

how to remove the pin password

fingerprint security or any kind of

security from your Samsung Galaxy S H at

sf+ smart phone if you're no longer

remember the pin or password so

basically to remove any security data

you need to perform a factory reset but

since you are logged out of your device

you are not able to use the device at

all you cannot perform a factory reset

and in that case you cannot remove any

of the security data on your device like

fingerprint data or pin or password and

you can't access the phone so let me

show you how to get rid of this

situation and gain access back to your

samsung galaxy a set or sh+ smartphone

so let's just start it for example here

is my galaxy a set plus and let's

consider that I no longer remember the

pin so you can see that showing

incorrect pin and I am NOT able to

access my device so to remove this pin I

need to perform a factory reset but

since I cannot go inside the device I

cannot perform it so let me show you how

to do this first of all just switch off

your device

so once the device is turned off what

you have to do you need to press the

power key volume up key and this bigsby

button together at the very same time so

I'm going to call these two key like

this and then here is the power key so

here we go power key bixby key and the

volume up the device will boot up keep

pressing do not remove your fingers from

the keys this recovery menu will come

installing system abit now you can

remove your fingers just wait a bit okay

no command

and then this screen will come by itself

so this is the recovery menu of Samsung

Galaxy s8 plus you can see here you got

lots of options and one of them is wipe

data/factory reset' so you need to use

now the volume keys to navigate so just

go down to this option using the volume

down key like this reach the wipe

data/factory reset' once you reach this

option just press the power key like

this and then it will show you this

message that wipe all user data this

cannot be undone so this is what exactly

will happen whatever you got on the

internal storage of the device will be

deleted and this is how the security

penpal for fingerprint data will be

deleted as well so you need to keep this

thing in mind that we are going to lose

whatever data you got on the internal

storage of your asset or sh+ select yes

using the volume keys like this once you

are there press the power key like this

and you can see that a process is

started wipe data wipe is complete and

now you can once again navigate and go

to reboot system now and press the power

key to reboot the device and once the

device is rebooted you will have a brand

new device in terms of content and UI

and all of the application everything

will be related and do-able start fresh

so you will have to insert the pin Wi-Fi

pin and select the time zone setting

language keyboard settings and whatever

you did in the beginning you will have

to do it again

and you can see it is showing Android is

starting now installing applications so

the factory set process is finished and

once again the device is doing all these

settings and set up that it did at the

very first time when the device was

started and here because so you can see

that once again I need to select my

language time zone and everything

whatever humne did in the beginning of

this device when we started using it we

will have to do it again so this is how

you can remove date all kind of security

like fingerprint data pain pattern

facial recognition from your galaxy

asset and sh+ to start using it again

again the access back to it so that's

all for now front steps watching the

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guys next time in an another video have

a nice day