How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 Active - AT&T, T-Mobile, or Any Carrier

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hey guys johnathan here from tech

majesty calm today I'll be showing you

how to permanently factory unlock your

Samsung Galaxy S 8 active step-by-step

using analog code we can unlock your

phone regardless of any outstanding

balances financing contracts blacklist

status etc the unlock will not affect

your warranty it will increase the

resale value of your phone and you'll be

able to use the phone with any GSM

carrier of your choice both domestically

and internationally all you need in

order to unlock the phone is an unlock

code and a non-allowed SIM card which is

basically a SIM card that's not from

your original carrier so let's begin the

first thing we will need is the 15 digit

IMEI number which you can get by going

to the dialer of the phone and dialing

star pound zero six pound this will give

you the 15 digit IMEI number so now that

we have the IMEI number of the phone we

will go on the computer and open the

internet browser to go to tech majesty

calm once we are on this website we will

place an order to unlock our Samsung

phone we will choose the Samsung Galaxy