How to unlock Galaxy S7 T-Mobile

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this is one of the services we offer

over here flashy phones this right here

is a t-mobile galaxy s7 and the only way

you can unlock this phone is to the

t-mobile device I like that

g930 tea

so when you submit your imei of us what

we'll do is we'll go ahead and unlock it

takes about 1 to 24 hours for the

service to go through so we're gonna go

through the t-mobile device unlock app

this has a AT&T SIM card in it which is

a say AT&T network here's our feedback

unlock approve mul device is permanently

a lot we start now this is a cricket's

em choir we have an air this is a

t-mobile Galaxy s7

so as you saw before it was an invalid

SIM card

this is one of my testing cars so I ran

out of minutes but you'll see us on a

lot I have to redo my minutes

surging frickin just that simple now

it's a lot turn off on Wi-Fi we use that

for the device all out there we go

ladies and gentlemen all flashy phones

if you need to get your phone a lot