How To Reset Password On Galaxy S7 or s7 edge When Locked Out

I'll show you how to reset your password

on your galaxy s7 s you can see one

right here you forgot your password the

phone is not gonna turn off anymore

you can try to turn it off but it's not

gonna power off it's gonna go back to

password so you have to hold the volume

down and then home key and power just

keep holding all three end ones until

phone resets okay here it is now press

cancel and hold volume up once you press

cancel hold volume up and then home key

and unpowered again it's gonna get you

to recovery mode

it's gonna take a little bit to load up

this stuff

okay now you need to press volume down

and park a few times maybe home key just

keep pressing

here it is just came

keep waiting until it's gonna get you to

recovery mode

okay here it is now scroll down to the

wide data and factory reset and then

click proper and I scroll down to yes

and ends can do factory said okay now

click reboot system now press bar again

and it's gonna reboot the phone

completely and now it's raise your

password it does it at everything you

had in the phone

it's gonna work for you the galaxy s7

and s7 edge for both them and I think s6

and s6 edge they have pretty much seen


pretty much your opponent has been

resented to completely you might have a

google lock that's the different one

this reset is just gonna get your

password off and that's it and data hop

the phone


damn still loading takes a while