How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935) Network Guide and Tutorial

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brand new Samsung Galaxy S seven edge this phone is being released March 11

however we were fortunate to get our hands on one and it will show you how to

unlock the networks you can use it on a different service provider

the S 70 we have right now is currently locked the bell network and will be

using a broader SIM card to unlock the device so once a lot you'll be able to

use it with other service providers like Telus Fido and international so as you

can see the sim network unlock pin message appears which indicates that the

phone is in fact still locked so our goal is to insert and digital lock code

and she did not work now let's go to Settings mobile networks and as you can

see under network operators it is blank whereas if the phone was unlocked issued

this weight watchers as we have the rogers sim card inserted so now we're

gonna go to the dollar screen and press star which displayed I remember now we

need this 15 digit IMEI number to get your falls Digital Locker example been

used at cellmark dotnet to get the unlock code you can try to support

provider as they will provide the exact same I'm not gonna sell locker however

the general terms about $35 $50 depending on what's cookin Samsung to

fill in your phone's information here so that's like the bottle which would be

Galaxy S seven edge network that the phone is currently blocked you which

would be bailed out the network you want to use it on the network that is locked

and the IMEI number so once again we're gonna press are bound to get that when I

never be careful if you are incorrect