How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! Factory Unlock Worldwide for Any GSM Carrier!

what is going on guys Drake here and

today I have a tutorial for you guys for

how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge

if you guys do not know what these

videos are these unlock tutorials show

you how to factory unlock your phone

basically if your phone is locked to any

GSM carrier using these quick few easy

steps you can unlock it to use your

phone in the other GSM carrier in the


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videos do not apply to you but please

just do not watch videos and enjoy my

other content however if you are truly

interested in unlocking your phone let's

get into the tutorial and I hope you

guys enjoy so now if you're going to go

to your dialer app on your phone type in

star pound zero six pound and after you

type in that number a 15 digit IMEI

number screen will show up you can

screenshot this number or write it down

just keep it somewhere safe and easily

accessible as we would need this number

later next step you're going to want to

go to unlock panakam

the channels main sponsor and are

excellent a test of the services myself

multiple times and I've never had any

issues with them once you are on the

website go ahead and type in the

manufacturer as well as the model of the

phone in this case the Samsung Galaxy s7

edge of course now we're going to go

type in the 15 digit IMEI number that we

had earlier this is exact same number to

see the copy and paste it or type it in

when you type in that number then move

along to entering in your email address

and then finally complete the checkout

once you complete the checkout you will

then have to wait with any allotted time

window that will stated at checkout and

shortly after you will receive an email

from sales on lock panda this email will

have your unlock code as well as brief

instructions for how to load complete

the unlocking process once you are

receive the email you are ready to

finalize checkout now on the phone

you'll want to unlock go ahead and power

it off then use the sim removal tool

take out the current carrier SIM card

and enter the name

some car from a different carrier for

example I will be switching from AT&T to

t-mobile so I will remove the ATT SIM

card and put in a new t-mobile SIM once

a new SIM card is in and go ahead and

power on the phone once a new phone is

on as soon as you boot it on it should

ask for a screen that says Sam network

unlock pin now just go ahead and hit in

the unlock code that would state an

email and then you are good to go once

you do a network successfully the lock

screen should come up once it has

completed your phone has been

successfully unlocked just like that

your unlock is complete this was a super

quick East tutorial for how to unlock

the samsung galaxy s7 edge if you guys

did enjoy this video please leave a like

tagging off this is Drake also a meze

tech them and I'll catch you guys in the

next video peace