How to Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge - Use in USA and Worldwide

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hey guys johnathan here from tech

majesty calm today I'll be showing you

how to unlock your sprint samsung galaxy

s7 I'll be showing you how to unlock it

step by step through this easy process

now I'm going to show you this on the

Samsung s7 but this method will also

work on the s7 edge and all other sprint

samsung phones as well our sprint

samsung unlock will unlock any sprint

samsung phone regardless of any

outstanding balances financing blacklist

status contracts etc what makes our

sprint samsung unlock special is the

ability for the phone to be used both

domestically in the US and

internationally with any GSM carrier

what that means is that once we unlock

your sprint samsung phone you can use it

with any GSM carrier in the US for

example AT&T t-mobile metro pcs simple

mobile cricket straight talk etc can all

be used on your sprint samsung phone

once we unlock it besides being able to

use the phone in the US you can also use

your phone with any GSM carrier of your

choice internationally as well the

unlock will not affect your warranty it