Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Tutorial - Bypass Lock screen, Security Password, Factory Reset, Pattern

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this I did my phone so this group office of you just give it a chance right now

we are now in the recovery of course there are few obvious options here that

we're looking for which is the light data factory reset wipe cache partition

using my cache partition first just to keep things clean so there aren't any

left over the last version and then used to wipe data factory reset so you don't

line up and down to good move up and down and then hit the probability of

action was to wipe cache partition know her research yes

so go take a couple of minutes maybe even faster depending on how much stuff

your device now as soon as is complete reboot system now

property couple things very high and it will reboot I'll see you on the other

side and back to factory reset is completed and the sequences done this is

the screen you will be presented with Genesis completed my be familiar with us

this is the very first green when you first turn on the phone when you

purchase the setup of foreigners and it will fall again so I hope this helped

out to some of you and yeah thank you