How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Active | AT&T | Step-by-step!

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what's going on guys Christian here and

today I will be showing you how to

unlock your Samsung Galaxy s7 active so

that you can use it with any GSM carrier


in this case my phone is currently

locked to AT&T but I want to unlock it

to use it with my t-mobile SIM card so

we're just going to follow a couple of

steps to unlock this phone is very very

simple I will tell you exactly how to do

it step-by-step we will do a factoring

lock which means that your phone will be

permanently unlocked from the network

don't worry it is completely legal your

phone won't be damaged and in fact there

are only positive things and you can get

out of this unlock now keep in mind that

locking the phone is not free so we will

have to pay a small amount to unlock

this phone but trust me guys in my

opinion it is well worth it to have a

fully factory unlocked phone because you

can use it worldwide with any GSM

carrier and in case you want to sell it

you can set it at a higher price if your

phone is unlocked alright so let's start

the first step is with your phone's IMEI

number simply dial star hash zero six

hash and your IMEI number will appear in