Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge: How to Remove Forgotten Password

okay this goes for the Samsung Galaxy s6

as well as the s6 edge basically you

forgot your password

you cannot unlock your phone maybe you

forgot your swipe code or your PIN code

or password or maybe your thumbprint or

fingerprint is not registering maybe

it's maybe you got a scar on your finger

you cut your finger it's just pretty

much not not recognizing your

fingerprint the only way to get out of

this guy's to get into your phone is

what you have to do is a factory reset

now what's going to happen when you

factory reset you're going to lose

everything on your phone your photos

videos documents your bookmarks all your

apps are all going to be all gone

because what's going to happen is it's

going to make this phone basically as if

you just bought the phone brand new and

took it out of the box and then you'll

be and then once you open up your the

Box to the phone you'll have this like

welcome screen and to set up the phone

you know starting off with that English

and just like as if the phone is a brand

new now the only way to reset this

because we can't get into the phone is

what we have to do is a hard reset

basically using the hard keys okay so

the first thing you want to do is you

want to go ahead and power off your s6

or s6 edge hold down the power button

and click on power off wait till it's

completely off and then what we're going

to do is we're going to hold three hard

keys simultaneously okay we're going to

press and hold three keys and we're

going to press and hold is the volume up

key the HOME key and the power button

okay so I'm gonna hold these three

buttons down what that one the power in

the home okay these three buttons ready

1 2 3 i want to press and i am going to

continue to hold until I see the android

guy and then I'm up then I'll let go and

then after that what it will do is okay

looks like a little here now I'm waiting

for for the phone to get into the

Android Recovery Options menu ok and

remember again guys you're going to lose

everything on your phone ok so if you

have photos and videos

that important to you well too bad you

know hopefully you made some kind of

backup where you're able to retrieve

some of that information from backup

which you stroke going through the

welcome screen on your phone so give us

a second here says uh okay now says no

command now here is the system recovery

options menu here and just scroll down

you press the volume down rocker just go

up you press the volume up rocker now we

want to go to what it says wipe data /

factory reset so I'm going to go down

right there and to select it I am going

to press the power button okay now it's

going to ask you to basically reconfirm

are you sure you want to delete

everything on this phone so I'm gonna go

all the way down to where it says yes

delete all user data select it I'm going

to press the power button give us a

second it's wiping data now formatting

data okay and then it will bring us this

screen here and the highlighter already

it says a reboot system now so from here

we just want to go ahead and press on

the power button to select it okay now

you can say bye-bye to everything on

your phone okay now what we're going to

do here is we're going to go ahead and

wait for it to boot up and then once it

boot up sit should bring us to the

welcome screen or the screen that ask

you what language you would like to put

the phone in so give us a second

depending on how much stuff you have in

on your phone it's going to determine

how fast it will actually boot back up

okay and here's the welcome screen and

we start off with the languages here and

that's pretty much it you guys have any

questions or anything just comment below

and that's it thanks guys bye